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Your Eco-Logical home and my allergy story

Updated on April 18, 2013

Green all over

Living room corner window!
Living room corner window!
great garden
great garden
winter in the bakcyard
winter in the bakcyard
spring in the backyard
spring in the backyard

Life a Healthy indoor lifestyle!

I've been suffering for the longest of allergy, not that I ever knew what that was, or what was I allergic to.

I finally settle with one medication that works for my strongest allergy. Seasonal my allergy is very acute, - mostly in August. I have a nasal spray and another pill for the sneezing sequences. I am not for making any commercials for the medication I take. I do not love taking any drugs/medicine as a matter of fact.

As I am visiting with friends, I am then realizing that I am allergic to pets, cats, even dogs, maybe more. Previously I thought that I was having just outdoor allergies.

For that reason alone, when we build our house, I wanted to make sure we are getting the best INDOOR air Quality with the system that was put in place. Asked for a dehumidifier, a humidifier system and other technology that I will feel much more comfortable in.

We've got read of the idea of having carpet,..all I had in the house was granite and oak floors. Minimize furniture in size and numbers of items, so, just will be easier for me to clean and have the environment under some control.

The concept was, "whatever I have in the house, I will have to know that I should be able to clean easily, all areas to be accessible and not to have much stuff that encourages dust collection.

I had large windows, like wall-to-wall, floor-to-celling type of corner window.

That was the coolest passive system in therms of a "Green" house, even so, then, just 7 years ago that was not as HOT! Sun will come through all day in winter, and in summer the trees around the house will help keep it cool...

Live plants were always a great asset to my environment, and I had plenty of those in my 9 foot celling rooms.

Every body needs an "Air Buddy"

color choices
color choices
fres air for small spaces
fres air for small spaces

Moved on...

As I moved from a bigger place to a smaller, and as a matter of fact, to the smallest I ever lived in - out in the country site, - it seems that I was wrong about what time of the year I am reacting to polluted air.

First year I found out that spring was a bad time to be outdoors. I started investigating and I am very picky at what I get.

A year later yet, I am finally getting the wright help! With my new business I have to be outside or inside at any given time, any season, any time of the year,...I definitely had an idea,with the right source and the right technology, use one unit that works for the whole house, and also using the same technology in a smaller scale - an individualized unit to have it on the GO.

I have brought the mountain fresh air in the house permanently!

My great experience with the technology:

  • in the kitchen: - love to cook with lots of spices, garlic and onion.
  • in the whole house - less worried about dust and bacteria on surfaces
  • in the laundry room, another boost, get rid of using detergents
  • cleaning the entire house and for washing vegetables, using the greatest

I love traveling, that is a passion of mine and I am using the latest item I bought - Buddy Air

I feel safe any place I go with that.

The experience: I had to have someone come in to set up my computer,...late spring, cold enough outside. The contractor knew I do not accept pets in the motel; an hour later he tell me if I could have the dog in the lobby for the rest of his time spent by the business because is getting cold for the dog in the car.

I agreed; I mentioned that I know I am allergic to cats but not dogs. A few minutes later I said: whoops, spoke to soon! I started to feel like my throat was closing and that was not a good feeling. I mentioned this to the guy and he said: where is your technology device, you can wear it know.

Helloooo, yes - he was wright! I grabbed by "buddy" and for the rest of the time he spend in my office, I didn't know that a pet was in! YES that's right! almost forgot about the dog! What a miracle indeed!

I was very thankful to have learned and own those item of the latest technology and make good use of them.

I hope my story make sense!

Great experience all together!

Company's CEO/Founder on the news

the time is NOW

are you allergic?

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    • ccdursina profile image

      Carolina Dursina 8 years ago from Spring Green WI

      Thank you for reading my hub!

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

      I found this pretty interesting, especially since it was your own personal story, and I am interested in creating a more eco-friendly place to live :)