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Updated on February 25, 2018

Black Teenagers-

The difference in these photos is "Perception"
The difference in these photos is "Perception"

White teenagers

If People Only Would

Jim Crow and Black Codes Trying to Make a Comeback in America

Why is America Afraid to Hear the Truth?

People speaking out on injustice are being avoided, sites are being removed or advertising support stopped. It would seem everything is being done to shut these people up. If what they say is untrue. If what they complain about is false. Why is it important to keep the things they say from being read by others.

Jim Crow and Black Codes Trying to Make a Comeback in America

Black men and women are being abused by the police on a regular basis and the powers that be do not really care. However, this is nothing new. When Black men were stolen off the street, placed into jails and forced to work in the coal mines of Birmingham, Alabama only a few decades ago, many never heard from again. So you see. This is not new. This is just an old enemy rearing its ugly head again, racism.

The joke is, “Racism has one foot in the grave, but it never died. “ Not very funny if it is your child, facing an evil law enforcement officer whose salary is paid by money from people of all colors to protect and serve. Of course, all are not bad people, but how can you tell. The kindest most accommodating Blacks have experienced bad behavior from police, and you do not have to do anything but be Black to provoke this abuse of power. Maybe they are trained to see your skin color first, never seeing you are a person. There is a commercial that tells people to, “See Me,” a good idea for the police.

Black women are being mistreated by Black men at home and many have the added burden of caring for children without the assistance of fathers at home. This is not a choice for many but a circumstance that has been forced upon the Black woman by outrageous incarceration of Black males. She has endured the hardships of slavery, and now White America wants to give her more grief.

American Black woman have cleaned the homes of white America, nursed her children and now she has to watch a racist system, which appears to be sanctioned by a qualified source, destroy her sons and daughters. Black on Black crime is real. So why does America want to join in and inflict more harm on Black women. She works and fights to raise her children in unimaginable conditions and never knows if her child will get home from school, walking through violent streets. Is it complete annihilation of the Black man America wants, a fabric can be unwoven but not without the destruction of the fabric.

Are the problems around the world so unmanageable America has to come home and beat up on its own? Yes, America’s own, the American Black man has blood so mixed he is a completely new being. A mixture of the whole world, and, he is a genius. Who else but a blessed, God given genius could survive the horrors America has inflicted upon the Black man and woman with Jim Crow and Black Codes. No other group would dare to try to survive such brutality and still believe the system is just.

Now, in America leaving home is once again, disturbing and unsafe. Not because of everyday idiocy but because some person with a badge was told he was superior to another race of people. When he or she finds this is an untruth they do not understand how to handle this fact. The answer to this is to retrain those misguided human beings. Will that happen? Probably not, but, who knows.

It is easy to be brutal to a person. However, the story of the lion and the mouse is still true. Just because you have, a gun does not mean you will never need the person you are abusing. Evil does not care who it destroys and it will eat like a cancer at this nation while the world sits and waits. There is a song that goes, “Don’t drive me away. If you drive me away, you gonna need my help someday… Some might say I do not need any help, maybe not. “Be Fair in Your Dealings.”

Conversations with Predators by BANKS JEFFERSON

Think of the laws of the jungle

Moreover, take a page from the beast

They do not stand in the same space,

The lion and the wild beast.

The beast does not hold conversation,

For they know the lion is only there to kill

He lurks in the grass and lays waits,

For innocent blood to spill.

Many young men have fallen, at the hands of such attacks.

Predators quietly lurking, pouncing for the attack.

So do not hold conversation, with those who wait to destroy,

Take a page from the wild beast, and learn to retreat,

Steer clear of his deadly ploy.

No matter how calm the grass looks, stay on the alert,

The lion’s quiet move of friendship is only his alibi to do hurt,

So stop this interaction, no matter where the lion lies

There is no rest, always a test,

Yet the wild beast survives.

The beast acknowledges the lion is only there to kill

He lies in wait, for a chance to take,

The precious life God gives.

The Secret; "He who has an ear ..."

Know Who You Are

Unfortunately, Black Americans have been made to feel insignificant, worthless and totally dehumanized. It is generally the habit of a bully to make people feel this way when there is something very important to hide. No matter how grand the contributions, Blacks are still treated with distain. Perhaps this video holds the answer.

Feel the Black man's experience and try to understand; if you can.

Keep on Pushing-Curtis Mayfield

Bill Cosby- The Media Destruction of a Legacy

Bill Cosby is an American icon, a legend in his own time. A man that took on the American system of racism and poverty, challenged it and made it work for himself. This man after reaching his goals took it upon himself to try his best to lead others along the path of the American dream. He showed a nation that Black Americans were not all living in squalor. Bill Cosby reinforced the fact to young “Black Americans” they could live well and achieve.

Due to the power of the media, Bill Cosby’s accomplishments were more difficult to hide. How many generations of inventors and accomplished, achievements of Black people have been hidden over the centuries, "Norbert Rillieux" the inventor of the sugar cane process and food is still treated with his invention today. "Mark Dean" the person responsible for the laptop being used by millions today. "Lewis Latimer", who perfected the light bulb that would not last more than three day and drew up the diagrams for "Alexander Graham Bell's" telephone. He also set up quite a few of the power plants in the United States and England among other inventions. However, the legacy of these great” Black” minds is continually hidden.

Let us imagine the things these people have accomplished including Bill Cosby are wiped away. People can put away their air conditioner, toilets, traffic lights, trains can go back to difficulty connecting cars, car accident victims can forget a blood transfusion and the list goes on. These were great minds, “Black Men’s minds” working to make the world a better place.

This display of yet another “Powerful Black Man” being “taken down a peg” or better known as being “put in his place” is all too familiar. In times past women were used to lure Black men into brothels, which were illegal and paid to call the police at just the right time and the men were arrested and thrown into jail and set to work. The game is as old as time and it would seem Mr. Cosby has become a victim of it when he is least able to defend himself. No doubt, he could hold his own, at his best. This may be the reason those wanting to destroy him waited until he was in his late 70's, a true “coward’s ploy”.

The mystery people will unfold with time. Those who stand in the shadows and let the less educated and less informed do their bidding, much like “sicking a dog on innocents”, “throw a rock and hide your hand”. Once the dust settles and people look around, results may not feel so rewarding. The world hounded Michael Jackson and drove Red Fox to terrible levels and many regret it. These unknown powers, waited until these people were weak from age or abuse, and then struck. This is how wild animals track prey. Sad, a civilized people act like wild animals circling prey. The world should be very careful about hounding Bill Cosby.

Whether Bill Cosby is innocent or guilty is not to be decided without concrete evidence, unfortunately, the media has “tarred and feathered” this man without evidence or trial by jury and this is regrettable. His legacy stands tarnished for the ages. It may now be crucial for those with an axe to grind against Mr. Cosby to find this man guilty, whether accusations are true or not.

Many of the world’s greatest men were a long way from perfect. Nevertheless, the things they achieved were not discounted by the world. Some were cruel, left families in order to achieve their goals, womanized and participated in things the world “at that time”: thought disgusting. Nevertheless, many are celebrated. At one time in the world, whisky was outlawed and the world thought it deplorable. Now, the country is filled with whiskey stores. In olden days, “Christianity was outlawed”. Today the world is filled with beautiful churches of all kinds.

No matter the outcome, it is important not to lose the legacy Mr. Cosby has given to the world. His mistakes as a human being, if any, which is a human fallacy will “come home to roost” but the good things should not be erased. No man should have the power to erase “another man’s life’s work. This mentality brought on the “Dark Ages” and “Witch Hunts”.

Keep Moving

Time to "LET GO and LET GOD"

Has Intimidation Increased in America's After Ferguson?

Sadly, the courts say there is nothing to be done about the killing and injury to young Black men who have fallen at the hands of police. They felt, threatened. The types of threats they feel are subjective. If a Black person used these same analogies after injuring a person, they would, no doubt spend years in prison. It seems the courts will do nothing, and the system knows that.

However, Blacks can stop spending with businesses and this will provide less money for municipalities to spend on hiring police that target innocent citizens. Is everyone innocent, of course not? Are all police officers out to harm; no. They want to go home to their families and must protect themselves. However, those that set out to harm, using unnecessary force, which is against the constitution, should not be paid by taxes that come from the public.

Police presence is increasing all over the nation in Black communities. In many neighborhoods dominated by Caucasians, a person might go for hours and never see police officer, maybe, not at all. The reason given, most crimes are committed in the Black neighborhood. Not so, research the amount of drugs brought in on ships, planes or trains by Black owned business. How many of these avenues of wealth are owned or controlled by Black people. Nevertheless, stopping the source is not the goal.

The body reacts to what it eats. The only way to stop disease is to change the diet. The problem with crime is not Black America. America is arresting the results, accusing the results of the crime. If, drugs are in the inner city, how did they get there? Some Blacks in these communities only travel a 10-block radius. How do drugs get there? So, in what communities “should” the police really be patrolling. This subject is a whole group of events that stand on their own,

Nothing is getting better. Intimidation is on the rise. Perhaps this is the answer to Ferguson. No respect. No concern. No care. Perhaps, there are those that may say, “Stirring up trouble, no, awareness is important. Black America is in a cold war with powers that allow inequality. People are being targeted for speaking out on issues and the world sits quietly. Keep in mind, “Power is intoxicating” like alcohol. This is why the United States Constitution’s founders, initiated a system that protects the governing bodies from themselves. Giving any group the power to abuse another will eventually turn on all.

The wrong types of police officers bring danger to Blacks and other ethnic groups but a lack of police protection when cities find themselves cutting back brings problems for all. Property values go down and industry finds these locations less desirable. People do not want to live in communities without adequate police protection. Now, it would seem, the Black community in a sense has no police protection.

Therefore, limiting the spending of “Money” to businesses that pay taxes to municipalities that harbor police officers that intimidate and abuse their authority will be just another day of eating “Beans and Cornbread” while living in a system that does not find the Black man valuable. Many of the businesses supported by Black dollars were once closed, to Blacks, “in a sense, only yesterday”. Such an activity will make things inconvenient for Blacks, but without a financial boycott, the past will reappear. Ringworm will abate but “if left untreated, “It will return stronger.”

Oh Jah Jah

Ray Jasper- inmate-999341 spoke "Truths"

Excerpts from a letter by "Ray Jasper", a death row inmate undeer Texas Justice.

“You can go to any penitentiary in this nation and you will see slavery.”

Men were imprisoned and sent to the coal mines of Birmingham Al., snatched off the street and charged with various crimes. Coal mines were subject to underground water and explosions. These men were chained and had no chance of escape. The system does, as this gentleman implied, make money from the free or “penny paid” labor of prisoners. Nevertheless, people who speak the truth are tiresome when money is involved. For anyone who disputes the truths in the letter of “Ray Jasper” spend an evening reading the “Black Codes”. For people of color these code activities, take place “every day”.

Lost and Turned Out-Think for Yourself

Democracy Not At Work- Who Decides and Is It Only for Some


In slavery the strongest were taken out and made an example. The young lad in Ferguson, Missouri was thrown into jail and now this rapper is being detained, with a little used law. It is very much like spitting on the sidewalk, or beating your wife with a twig. For certain this will all become more interesting.

Gang members may seem to people to be a disposable part of American society and perhaps this is why this young man was targeted, but clearly his group is of interest to young America. What better way to try and instill fear or to control behaviour. Everyone is entitled to fairness under the law. This is already thoroughly vilified, so perhaps people will not care if Tiny Doo goes to jail for life unfairly. Perhaps the world will turn a blind eye. Funny, out of control power never stops until all are too afraid to speak up.

The ability of people to write or to sing is a beautiful thing. However, the same laws that enabled the government to harass people about communism is still in tact. Tiny Doo is up for life in prison for rape lyrics. If this young man is convicted, moviemaker, musicians and everyday people better lookout. “George Orwell’s Police State’ may be in full swing.

“SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled. That if any persons shall unlawfully combine or conspire together, with intent to oppose any measure or measures of the government of the United States, which are or shall be directed by proper authority, or to impede the operation of any law of the United States, or to intimidate or prevent any person holding a place or office in or under the government of the United States, from undertaking, performing, or executing his trust or duty: and if any person or persons, with intent as aforesaid, shall counsel, advise, or attempt to procure any insurrection, riot, unlawful assembly, or combination, whether such conspiracy, threatening, counsel, advice, or attempt shall have the proposed effect or not, he or they shall be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanour, and on conviction before any court of the United States having jurisdiction thereof, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars, and by imprisonment during a term of not less than six months, nor exceeding five years; and further, at the discretion of the court, may be holden to find sureties for his good behaviour, in such sum, and for such time, as the said court may direct.”

This is only a part of the 1798 Sedition Act. Although the act was repealed December 13, 1920, this law or some form of it might be renegotiated and left in place to use whenever it is convenient. Many people do not agree with violence. However, if freedom of speech is shattered or a man can be convicted without a trial, Democracy is in real trouble. The land of the free and home of the brave is not what the founding fathers intended it to be.

The Smith Act (Alien Registration Act of 1940) was initiated in 1940 to convict alleged fascist, anarchist and others with different views.

This is not the wording but the idea is conviently used:

“. . .any person who actively participates in any criminal street gang [as defined by statute] with knowledge that its members engage in or have engaged in a pattern of criminal gang activity [as defined by statute] and who willfully promotes, furthers, assists, or benefits from any felonious criminal conduct by members of that gang is guilty of conspiracy to commit that felony . . . .”

“On or about May 28, 2013, JUSTIN ANTONIO ANDERSON, ALVIN RANDOLPH BANKS, DARRYL LAWRENCE CHARLES JR., DESMOND RAYSHAWN CRISP, BRANDON DUNCAN, GLENN ROY GRAY, AARON WAYNE HARVEY, JAWAUN DESHAY JONES, CEDRIC CHARLES JORDAN, STANLEY BERNARD KING JR., FRANKLIN LAMBERTH III, ANTHONY ROBINSON, TEVONTE STRIPLING, and DEON WINTERS committed the crime of Criminal Street Gang Conspiracy, in violation of Penal Code Section 182.5, a felony, by unlawfully and actively participating in a criminal street gang with knowledge that its members engage in and have engaged in a pattern of criminal gang activity and did willfully promote, further, assist and benefit from felonious criminal conduct by members of that gang, to wit: the crimes of Premeditated Attempted Murder and Shooting at Inhabited Occupied Structure, in violation of Penal Code sections 664/187/189 and 246, committed on or about May 28, 2013, in violation of PENAL CODE SECTION 182.5.”

If this charge goes through, some of the wealthiest people in America could be up for charges, a few television, radio shows may have to stop, and burning books may come back quickly. BENEFITING is a broad word. Who decides, people came to this country to get away from LEGAL OPPRESSION.

Record the History of Events

It is important for every people to have their own magazines, newspapers and daily account. It is important for a people to record their own history. If this is not done, important facts are lost and the values of a people are diminished. Throughout history, the ruling class has always told the story the way they saw it and the way it really was might be forgotten. It is impossible to bury the truth but the truth can be lost for a very long time. One way to prevent this is for every people to record their own history.

People in control of a space tend to state events in their favor with little regard to people they consider insignificant. Cultures have prevented this false documentation of truth by way of storytellers. However, documented proof is a nice touch. Document events with periodicals, documentaries and recorded fact so the truth of events of any people will never be lost or distorted.

Black Friday Boycott Success

The success or failure of the Black Friday Boycott is spoken of by some Media as perhaps, a waste of time. However, the boycott of stores or Black spending is depicted in the press, Black spending power has influence. If spending is withheld it will adversely affect the economy of the United States. Considering this fact, any continuous boycott of the U.S. financial system will injure the economy without a doubt.

A Story of America-A Walking Nightmare- By Banks Jefferson

A group found it economically advancing to visit a land and make its people slaves. Some relented and came to feel it was wrong. Others found a way to convince themselves these human beings were less than human; even beneath animals and were able to continue this bitter institution, progressing to horrors far beyond the imagination.

Sadly, the atrocity of this form of slavery is hard to live with unless you never admit one was wrong in doing it. Imagine the sleepless nights it would cause. Nevertheless, the institution set up in America was wrong and the shame and disgust that a progressive people could institute such a barbaric practice and profit from it still leaves the nation reeling from shame and disgust.

The need to place the “Dark Continent” under oppression began many centuries ago, when a group of traders stumbled upon a fertile land called Africa. They found the inhabitants to be quite beautiful, their teeth glistened like ivory and their skin was as beautiful as Ebony, and they were kind. Unfortunately, for them, this would be to their destruction. For the people they entertained had no delight in their mind. These were slavers, only interested in the price these beautiful people would bring in a land far away.

Chained and battered these learned people were brought to a land they had never seen and were set among a people who spoke a language they had never heard spoken. Slavers were not interested in old and feeble captives. They captured young children, some in their teens. This group was easy to frighten since many had no elders to look to for help or instruction. If older slaves were taken, control would have been far too difficult.

Controlling the young was easier. Since the “Dark Continent was filled with many languages, many captives did not understand the person they were chained to. Forced to sleep in urine, feces and puke, it was a heroic feat to survive this treacherous voyage; headed for a land with no hope of ever seeing home again. This act of piracy was the beginning of a” Walking Nightmare” for many.

Once arriving at the destination that would become a disgrace for future generations, the captured, Queens, Kings and intellectuals were treated worse than animals in order to break their spirits. Any thing familiar was taken away from them, even familiar sounds of a native tongue. Sold, and placed on plantations to pick sugar, cotton and tobacco, these persons stripped of their humanity were denied education or familiar associations.

They worked sun up to sun down and when it rained moonlight, they worked late into the night, no pay, no decent housing and only piece rags for clothing. For centuries, these slaves were born and died, generation after generation, working for no pay no home no land, barely eating and were tortured if they looked the slave owner in the eye, who imprisoned them.

Today, some are insulted if a man of color looks them in the eye. However, unlike the slave, who was not uneducated when he was captured, people of today do look a person in the eye, man to man. The slave was chained and tortured and was not educated in the land he was brought to and sold like cattle. Contrary to popular belief, the slave was highly intelligent. In Brazil, slaves taught themselves self-defense in the form of a dance, very close to the teaching of the Shaolin Priest and in the United States the slave learned to wear a face that protected a people from annihilation.

Despite a law that resigned a person to death if they learned to read or write. These people, the world, considered uneducated and illiterate learned and flourished. They were not only smart but also survived. Place a slaver in the heart of the “Dark Continent” with no weapons and without resources, Viola, recipe for ignorance. Mind you, the chains, sickness from months of travel and sleeping in ones own excrement is left out of the equation.

The thought of what slave endured to unwillingly come to America is almost impossible to wrap the mind around no matter how many time it is heard. However, the idea of anyone trying to return a people to that, corner of hell, the mind cannot allow. In Ferguson Missouri, LA, New York, Cleveland, Ohio and other cities around the United States, police batons swirl, riot gear abounds and guns are drawn and fired.

The instinct to withdraw and hope for calm and seek shelter is only natural. Then, the reality of the situation kicks in. If this is done, if you seek shelter, when will the coast be clear? Unfortunately, the answer is never. The only answer is to push forward and go about the business of the day. To curl in a corner while the world moves about is what is expected of an oppressed people. The only way to stop oppression is to put positive pressure and make it clear you will not be moved or pushed aside.

Black Wall Street and Ferguson , Missouri Today

Ferguson, Missouri erupted into frustrated violence after what protesters considered an unfair assessment of the shooting of Michael Brown. After property, damage and looting police started to arrest alleged participants. These people are considered criminals and the world agrees that the destruction of property was against the law.

Unfortunately, Black Wall Street in St. Louis Missouri was burned to the ground. Over 3000 Blacks were brutally murdered with no chance of protecting themselves and all other Black residents were incarcerated. No one was charged for these murders and no one was held accountable for the burning of these homes and businesses by the police department and outraged citizens. Too bad these zealous law enforcement agencies so ready to drive these frustrated young people into the prison system today were not there to do the same for the people who attacked the people of Black Wall Street, Missouri in years past.

Abuse of Power

Ferguson, Missouri- A Recipe for Slavery

Watching Ferguson Missouri Protest Aug, 14 2014

The Ferguson, Missouri protest on August is difficult for some to understand. They see a group of people according to the law protesting unlawfully because it is listed as a curfew. However, the protest goes deeper. The protest is established to protest Michael Browns death but these protesters also recognize the recipe for slavery is being enacted.

Perhaps the nation will turn a blind eye. National media seems to be ignoring the protester but perhaps they were not noticed by some and were there. Maybe mainstream media feels there is nothing to report, but the demise of a nation is no small matter. A nation is destroyed in the heart of a people.

On August 14, 2014, it was business as usual. Police were out enforcing the law according to whoever was in charge. Ironically, the powers in Ferguson reek of Eugene (Bull) Conner in Birmingham, Al back in the 60s. The determination to put Blacks in their place is easy to see. Therefore, if these people know they will be tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets and taken to jail: why do they protest, because they recognize the warning sign.

THE RECIPE for SLAVERY. It is nothing new and has been used repeatedly. It never last and many times, it only brings about terrible things, yet those in power will try. It is odd how the less educated are always sent to do the awful deeds and told how valuable they are. Anyway:


  1. Anyone holding moneyed positions or any authority is driven out or discredited, a lot of that going on these days. Blacks are being driven out for things others have been getting away with for decades, but that is part of the recipe.
  2. People placed in charge with no care for the people. A.O.Neville in charge of the taking of mixed children in Australia is a good example of this. Funny, he stayed in power for 25 years with no real objections.
  3. They choose to forget any contribution made by a people.
  4. Now the coffee table meetings begin. People smoking the best cigars and drinking nothing but the best whiskey send their lackeys to destroy a people. Keep in mind only a few make this decision and the rest “go along to get along”.
  5. The council is called to give the order, the lackeys are sent out and it is on. Of course, the public is given a reasonable explanation and because they want to keep thing normal, people accept what is said. After all, they are not affected, or so they think.
  6. Must oppress the designated people before they get too powerful, these people are, Not Tax Payers.
  7. LIMIT PERSONAL FREEDOM!! This is Ferguson, Missouri
  8. Levy heavy fines
  9. Take away resources. People are afraid of losing jobs for standing up for constitutional rights.
  10. Placed in forced labor situations (jailed) and break up family units.
  11. Place under cruel taskmasters.
  12. Stop free speech. PRESS TOLD TO TURN OFF CAMERAS. Wow, this recipe for slavery is already spilling out on the rest of America. Will it stop in Ferguson, Missouri? Only America can answer that question. Alternatively, will the country wait until they are told to TURN the CAMERA OFF?

Slavery was never an overnight thing. It was sneaky, subtle, and done over a period of time, nevertheless, as the saying goes, "Dig One Ditch, Dig Two." Evil has a boomerang effect.

Bill Cosby a Victim of Ferguson, Missouri

In the light of Ferguson, Missouri and the Michael brown Shooting, iconic Black figures like Bill Cosby are being vilified before the public. This is to discredit anything people of color have done. Of course, some will be left alone. This will give credibility to these horrific presentations. Only the individual can make or break what they think, Proverbs, chapter 23, “As a man thinketh so is he.” Never allow a man to make you think less of yourself.

Black people should never let others convince them, other Black people are nothing. Everyone is subject to human error; however, this does not erase a lifetime of contribution. Bill Cosby was and is an American icon. Hemingway, Churchill, Picasso one of the world’s greatest actors ever was an alcoholic. Yet, that does not take away from their legacies. Bill Cosby’s episodes may not be about alcohol. Who knows what happened with these persons, no testimonies decades later. Bill Cosby is a victim of character slander by powers out to control the mind of the public. “Think for yourselves.”



"You cannot change the heart of a man, quietly change yours, and time will make the difference."

In light of the up coming Ferguson, Missouri verdict, the history of “Black Wall Street” tortures the mind. The right of peaceful protest would seem is not being considered in Ferguson, only preparation for destruction. In Ferguson because of the climate being created, innocent law-abiding people may be harmed. If violence occurs many will convince themselves it was the right thing to do, but tearing a limb from the body to scratch an itch is a stupidity, creating agonizing pain.

Surrounding a city of people in anticipation of a “kind of war,” the United States has not become “China.” Is this how “Freedom Rings”? Has the country not learned from the “Civil Rights Movement”,” the Black Wall Street riots of 1921, “Attacks on Blacks in New York City,” “Black Codes” enforced in the “Deep South or the Watts riots.” Clearly, the police department needs to be retrained in the treatment of people of color.

The job done by law enforcement is admirable, and there are people that break laws. However, a predisposed thought pattern towards a group of citizens sets a dangerous precedence. This attitude may have attributed to the death of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and thousands of others.

In America, there is no escape from the color of your skin when you are “Black”. You are threatened by racism when you sleep, when you are home, when you go out, when you eat. There is never a day off. When you go into a restaurant, it is with you always day and night. When you go into a store, walking into a school, on a sidewalk, when you are driving on a highway or placing a job application. It is not OK, but you work towards better. Gun sales are up and oppression has intensified. Tolerance of the system has ruled for centuries, trusting in the humanity of good people.

That humanity is now being tested and it seems there is no hope. Of course, this is not true but the idea of being shot down because you are deemed to pose a threat makes one wonder if being “Black” voids a person of any rights. These are chains of the worst kind. The American people can stop the insanity in Ferguson. Whether the verdict is for or against, a mother has lost her child, a pain that is never abated. This cannot be changed but the ideology that brought it about can.

Black Participation in the Space Program

Turning Back the Clock

The "Powers that Be" turned back the clock in the "Dark Ages" and the World lost.
The "Powers that Be" turned back the clock in the "Dark Ages" and the World lost.

Invisible Chains- "Willie Lynch" "Making of a Slave"2014 OF COURSE NOT?

Is it possible the clock is being turned back, however slowly? If a man is standing on a cliff and he is pushed back in tiny increments, given enough time he will be on the edge of that cliff and fall off: right into slavery. It is interesting how many financially visible Blacks are having trouble for every infraction. They are disciplined like children for politically incorrect behavior in their private lives, while the world sits by and thinks this is OK. Yet, those owning shipping, rail and airlines do what they will and no one speaks on the issues; that is how it is when you are in control.

These Blacks with a few dollars are held up to say, “Boy, if you do not behave like I said, I will put you in your place.” Note: they only have a few dollars. Next time a young Black man shows some gumption or offers the opportunity for his betters to knock him down a peg, he will know who is in charge. Sounds like invisible chains.

However, these Blacks own no shipping yards, no airlines, no tobacco fields, no resorts; no private air transports and go to jail as if they are responsible for transporting and creating every ill the world has to offer. In the future if, Blacks are placed into servitude or eradicated. The serfdom of England will start all over again. Whites will be on the list of the politically incorrect. Let’s see, houses were pushed down because the landlord wanted the land and a person could never move up in his or her station in life. Perhaps, once the Black man is put in his place, the “powers that be,” will come after YOU.

Young Black Man killed in Walmart by Police

A Black person, particularly a Black male cannot pick up a BB gun but people in many states can open-carry a gun. Is this a message that only whites can walk American streets without papers? Is this a subtle way of trying to push Blacks back into slavery? Psychological tactics perhaps, kill enough Black people and the rest will shiver in fear, and make it public. Let the others watch to make them afraid. America refused to live in fear after 911; Black Americans are no less American, and will not live in fear. Police brutality or societies fear. Is America that guilty?

Was Wal-Mart notified before police came in? Did Wal-Mart feel there was a problem?

Is America Practicing Control? Racial Profiling in America

The United States census records show a changing of the guard in population, with people of color dominating. This may be disturbing for some.

Many methods were installed to control people during slavery. Perhaps some of these horrible psychological and physical ideas are being installed through racial profiling with the help of the court system.

Young males of color may be getting the elephant on the chain treatment. Although the elephant is bigger and stronger, if his mind is abused and he is convinced he is less than or frightened, this large beast can be controlled.

However, this is an animal that does not understand. When a person who has been mistreated for centuries is mistreated, he understands and is almost immune to the treatment, he expects the hate. Kindness is the shock for many people of color.

Subtle incidents are no longer hidden, but clearly visible. All are in the light of day with sad documentation. Incidents are no longer surprising.

It is sad if people practice such horrible things against others. The change in population growth may not change unless, something horrible is done again like Eugenics. Birth control was started. Birth control was supposed to help, or was it really installed to slow the population growth of people of color.

Drugs have crept into poor communities, unemployment and thousands of young men have been put into prisons, given records, and refused decent jobs. This makes the circle of poverty difficult to break.

The practices of slavery and control have not changed. Abuse goes on with the agreement of the law all over the US. Now, it is not hidden. The public knows and time will bring the tyranny to an end.

Despite the use of birth control, police brutality, bad living conditions, no jobs and bad food, the world still changes. The physical and psychological abuses did not keep slavery in place, nor will police profiling keep the country from progressing to a better way of treating people of color.

Time is an adversary no man can stop. King David in the bible was kind to Jonathan’s son because Jonathan helped him. It is awful to leave a history of destruction and a refusal to treat others like human beings.

Racial profiling in the year 2060 may have a different feeling if stats hold. "Train up a child, the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart." It would be nice if law enforcement and the court systems show the world a better way. The bible implies, oppression is a certain way to bring problems.

America is Discussing Racism

The young Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardner and others have lost their lives through a serious lack of discussion, which might have brought about understanding. Now, America is forced to look at racial issues that have long been swept under the rug or ignored.

Today, let us flip the script. Friends, family, coworkers and neighbors are all woven together as American’s and caring individuals. Does anyone really want anyone to leave? The canvas of the country would change so drastically it might be fatal. A problem acknowledged opens the doors for solutions.

Chokehold- Problem- Solution

Hands Up--Hands Down- Lie on the ground. In too many cases,  a young man may still be shot. Slavery began about 1450. In 2014 slavery sadly has only changed faces.
Hands Up--Hands Down- Lie on the ground. In too many cases, a young man may still be shot. Slavery began about 1450. In 2014 slavery sadly has only changed faces.

The Frustration of a People by BANKS JEFFERSON
















Discuss and Understand

Hot issues always rub people the wrong way and tempers can flare. However, like disease, there is a root cause and until that root is found and cured there is no true solution for the problem.

Black Youth Being Shot: Michael Brown, Travon martin, Eric Gardner...

The word used, is suspect by Ferguson, Mo police. Why did this take so long to come out? That in itself is questionable. Therefore, it is perhaps now, justifiable to shot down an unarmed robbery suspect.

If this person was, a robbery suspect, why was he simply told to get out of the street? So, is it OK to shot down an unarmed suspect? If, this is what happened and if, he was in fact a robbery suspect. No one knows the whole truth except the participants. Calling this student a criminal calms the public.

The idea again is used that all Black males are criminals. The average Black male that works to finish high school and makes the effort to go to college is rarely breaking and entering. However, it is difficult to trust people who prevent innocent by standers from reporting the news. This nonsense has to stop!

First, control was taken from local police and State Troopers were placed in charge, now the young victim is a criminal an alleged criminal. These are psychological trump cards. Calm should prevail, and so should justice.

The world is not only weighing in on a one party situation. The people are speaking up on a tragic string of incidents that seem to have no ending. Young Black men and women are being driven into a mental cage, pushed back on the plantation of the mind. Young whites do not need to question if a police officer is there to protect me or to harm me. They do not feel the stress of uncertainty.

This behavior is no more than mental abuse by people paid by the public. Certainly, it is not all but dangerously too many. These are methods used in slavery. Show his lack of worth to make the others shut up, divide and conquer, break out the whip and set and example. Make the others watch in terror.

It is always easy to point out the faults of people the world considers less than, and as far as the world is concerned, it is OK to destroy them. The world feels good riddance. It is interesting how an insignificant thing makes a difference. Nails in a wall, a post holding up a ceiling, a floor beam, remove anyone and the building becomes weaker. It is best to care for all.

“And the little screaming fact that sounds through all history: repression works only to strengthen and knit the repressed.” ― John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wr

Are These Black Youth- Suspects?

Black Inventors

Dr.Charles Drew invented the blood bank ( blood plasma) he was refused a blood transfusion at a white hospital. Being of color, maybe he looked like a suspect. Not likely but the system is warped. People need to refocus on the positive. These inventors clearly had no time to worry about putting anyone down, they were too busy helping the world.

It is ironic that Ferguson police marched with “Gas Mask” invented by Garrett Morgan (1877-1963) a Black man. This list is far longer, but then who cares. However, if all of these achievements were erased from the world, the world would be a darker place. Next, someone will say, “Someone else would have invented these things”, but guess what, they didn’t.

Ludwick Marishane (1991-) Drybath acts as anti-bacterial, a waterless cleanser

Gerald Lawson (1940-2011) Modern home video console

Lewis Latimer(1848- 1928) Carbon filament for light bulb

Granville T. Woods (1856-1910) Multiplex Telegraph

Patricia Bath (1942-) Cataract Laserphaco Probe

Otis Boykin (1920-1982) Artificial heart pacemaker control unit


Eric Gardner- Chokehold -Untaxed Cigarette

In the case of Eric Gardner, the world would like a cut and dry answer, putting the officers on trial because, allegedly, it was their physical hands that brought about Eric Gardner’s wrongful death. Sadly, in this case as in too many cases of this kind, history is playing a role.

A man lost his life over an alleged crime. Present discussions lead to suspicions of an alleged, petty crime, selling untaxed cigarettes. Be it against the law, this law may rarely, if ever, be enforced. It is on the books and may have or may not have been used to place handcuffs on Eric Gardner.

Proof not suspicion is lawful. There are laws to justify such stops, legal but only used on ethnic people. “History” will verify. “Black Codes and Pig laws” still exist; they are simply not talked about.

Did he resist arrest? Perhaps, only the police officers involved and the victim knows. Should Eric Gardner have resisted, history says yes. Should Eric Gardner have been afraid for his life once the office placed his arm around his neck? History says. “Yes”.

Was the officer’s intent to harm Eric Gardner, only the officer knows? Was the chokehold illegal, the law says, “yes”? Has the law turned a blind eye to abuse and illegal acts inflicted on Black men, history says, “yes”?

Both, the police and the victim were dealing with centuries of oppression that exist even today. In the 1800s there was the “Whip the Gun and Chains”. In 1960, there was the Billy Club, Gun, Chains of the jail cell and the chain gang.

In 2014, there is the “Billy Club, Gun, Jail Cell, Chain Gang and Stand Your Ground Laws”. In history, the laws were written to make it OK for law enforcement and property owners to treat Blacks like chattel.

Unfortunately, in American society, there are UNWRITTEN laws called “understandings” and perhaps this understanding is what led to the demise of Eric Gardner.

Was it the fear of his size that made the officer so aggressive, perhaps? Was it the fear of thousands of Black men snatched off the streets and forced into labor in the coal mines and work camps of the U.S. that fueled fear and perhaps anger in Eric Gardner? Should he have been afraid, should he have been angry, history says, “yes”?

Moon shiners broke the law, some died and some amassed a fortune. Now, it is OK to sell alcohol. Should Eric Gardner have been placed in a chock hold, the law says, no, but the unspoken understanding that fueled the KKK for decades says, “Yes”.

The law searches statues and verifies the reasoning for legal decisions each day. If history’s documented results are used for reference, this police officer would not be accused of Eric Gardner’s wrongful death, “America” would be on trial.

Statistics show, give or take, 895,000 Black men in prison. Black women struggling to raise Black boys, alone history says these boys are headed from the schoolhouse to the jailhouse to create a free labor force, quietly called “The New Slavery”. Was Eric Gardner right to struggle for what may have been, fear for his life, history says, “yes”.

Each time these acts are performed, “Choke Hold” and such, history makes another note, and the fear on both sides grows and fear turns into irrational actions.

Perhaps, Eric Gardner struggled too much, the officer struggled too much, and the system that created the situation stands by and convicts whom? Moreover, has destroyed them both. Will this end in justice, history says, “No”. But, history can change.

Biotechnology Public Relations

Biotechnology public relations wrestle with many corporate blunders. This can range from stem cell research to the growing of adulterated wheat. How biotechnology and the control of corporate America over the food system affect the world's eco system is gradually developing into a public relations nightmare. Companies will not stop the research yet the public must be calmed. This is the job of the biotechnology public relations. Some companies are presenting organic products while others are labeling foods as nonorganic without giving the public the full explanations. Most are being truthful while not being self-incriminating.

One interesting example is the introduction of certain bacteria into the food system that resists antibiotics. This food is eaten by humans and believed to cause illnesses that severely fight antibiotics causing terrible harm. Once the public becomes educated to the problem, biotechnology public relations will have a tiger by the tail. Presently smart PR people are initiating the idea that, their company has been helping all along, keeping any public relations problems bated down. However, companies in the production of meats are already hitting a costly wall.

A public relation person has to keep an ear out for the unexpected. One such incident might be the Oreo cookie study; if the public begins to pay attention, the favorite cookie might have problems. Presently it goes unnoticed but what if this American apple pie product, so loved by a nation, suddenly becomes seen as a biotechnological danger. The public relations people at Nabisco may be in real trouble, unless, the PR staff is sharp. Companies are taking heat for genetically modified seeds and meats but some companies are smart enough initiate damage control mode in advance.

Experts believe that biotechnology is the only way to produce enough food for the world project it. Nevertheless, people are becoming afraid of this process. The public is beginning to search for ways around these foods, creating a new market. Everyone is never happy with the choices of any corporation; however, fear is a strong imbalance.

Companies have backing of government entities but are losing the support of small producers. These producers are allegedly losing their livelihoods because they do not approve of the new methods. Consumers are hearing these stories and changing buying habits. Advertising dollars are powerful, creating strong PR departments. Unfortunately, it will be years before the truth, good or bad is told and at what cost.

Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown

When a couple is married and the utility bill comes due, only a stupid couple lives in the dark arguing over who will pay it. Something you deal with after you solve the problem. You do not let your family suffer.

Government-American People

Utility bill-Budget

No decision = Family suffering

Wake Up Parents

Health Reform

The Health Reform bill will no doubt help to take care of the people who cannot afford the present cost of skyrocketing health care. Many do not care for mandatory health care but many do not care for mandatory car insurance. Many who felt their money would always be available have found themselves returning to work because the money is no longer there.

Many are now living from hand to mouth barely able to make mortgage payments, terrified of getting sick because of a lack of health insurance. Health Reform is taking a beating while diseases that were once in the past are creeping back; people cannot afford health care to take preventative measures. Perhaps the problems of the next man do not belong to others; untreated disease does not belong to others either but that does not stop disease. Take a vacation, eat out, and check into a hotel: how many jobs pay big salaries, oh, but Health Reform is not the problem of many.

Better health care for all at a little added cost for a healthier America is better than finding America in a state of epidemic; others will not want to pay for that either. The rich will leave, maybe, but the majority will be stuck with each other and whatever problems OTHERS have. There are no magic answers and attacking people trying to find them is NOT, what AMERICA DOES. Whether others want Health Reform or not, something must be done.

Fast Talk

So much happens in the world of politics it is hard to know whom to listen to. The public is growing more politically aware with the use of technology so administrators are becoming more accountable for their activities. The world is growing a stronger political brain.

Mosque at Ground Zero

President Obama must uphold the Laws of this great country. He is President of all the people not just one particular group. Many in the country are sensitive to the Mosque being built on soil so close where many innocent Americans lost their lives. Some Americans believe that any foreign entity on ground zero is an insult especially a Mosque. Apparently when $4.85 million dollars was changing hands there was no issue.

The property is theirs and they can do what they like within the guidelines of the law. The founding fathers left the protection of Eminent Domain if things get out of hand and this has been used on American born land owners. The Japanese were placed in internment camps, now we have video games and foreign cars; need I go further. Ground zero is a sensitive issue but there must be no witch hunting. Our laws when initiated are fair for all, but sadly law will not eradicate bitterness.

Oil Spill Hard on Alabama

The oil spill on the "Gulf Coast" is very hard on the people of Alabama. Not only is it hard on the people who live on the coast but the price of fish has "gone through the roof". Getting Seafood inland is nice but up until now there was nothing like going to the coast for the greatest seafood in the world. Taking a trip to the beach is no longer a lets go but a do you think we should. People are not quite sure if the seafood is safe to eat. But then again the ocean has a way of taking care of whatever hits it; sunken ships and other debris.

The Oil spill is a mess but the people of Alabama are resilient and have always stepped up to the plate to lend a helping hand. Visit the Gulf Coast, bring your sand bucket and shovel, oh, and a trash bag. The coast is still beautiful.

NBC and Joannie Rochette

The National Broadcasting Network has shown it has a heart and was most gracious. Joannie Rochette is an exceptional young woman. She went on with her skating performance as her mother no doubt would have wanted. Skating beautifully; concentration being difficult is an understatement. The pain she feels has no description but the strength she has shown is her mother with her. As NBC described, Joannie Rochette is not alone.

Cut America Some Slack

People in the United States want to help the Haitian People but cannot put themselves in danger of going to jail while trying to help. The Military has been accused of trying to occupy the country and a Church Group is being held on an accusation of moving children without proper paperwork; which has to be difficult to obtain in such chaos. America has her own problems but in spite of those has stretched out her hand to help; as always. Consider this, help can be offered but not forced. Cut America Some Slack.

Greene County Alabama Showdown

State law officials in Alabama may end up having a showdown at the Greene Track Coral if something is not done. I realize the Federal Government doesn’t like to get involved but to keep the peace Alabama Gambling in Greene County may require some Marshall Law. This is a potentially tough decision. The State Task force calls the Bingo illegal, the County says the Bingo, is, legal. Who is correct? Order in the court, quick, Greene Track has been in Alabama for a long time.

Haiti Question Mark?

The News Medias of the World is all over Haiti AND the Money is there too. The Media has given the in charge Haitian’s celebrity status; must be nice. The poor Missionaries of Idaho are caught up in what might be a message to the world to GET OUT. Just asking? We have your money now you can go, but no, but maybe. Only the people in charge in Haiti know the answer to this. Who is in charge by the way?

Aid to Haiti Where?

Getting a meal of beans and bread is a luxury compared to what the Haitian people are going through. As far as whom should get help because of wrongful living, God makes that decision, “All Saints, Stand Up.?” I thought so, no takers. Well, air dropping supplies sounds good to me, but I am also certain the best thing is being done in a difficult situation by the people bringing in help. I only wonder about the opposition they may be getting from the people in charge once the aid gets there. This is a question. Is there opposition from the Haitian Government?

State of the Union -Progress

The President of the United States gave his State of the Union last night. It does not matter if you agree or disagree; the matter is the country must progress. In any situation of need, it is clear, the President will roll up his sleeves and work as hard as any laborer and that you must admire. Many groups want to create controversy for whatever reason; we have serious concerns with energy and our infrastructure. The country is in a war against time and there is no room for our leaders to be at odds with one another. We are in an uphill battle all tied to the same rope. Even in our disagreements we must find a way to help him, help AMERICA.

Political Sledgehammer

Many people have been following this publication for some time but the way the articles have a way of bashing one side while praising the other, this is a little scary. There is no accusation that the articles are not factual, just saying, a little less tooting the horn for either side can be done. You want the facts without the influence.

Does anyone know a lot about News Max who runs News Max? The Newsletters go all over the Web and seem to at least try to influence a great many people. Talk about Rush Limbaugh, being influential. Does News Max have an axe to grind, did someone hurt their feelings. If someone knows, please leave a note or a full-fledged letter. What is up with them? Be careful who you follow.


What would help correct inequalities?

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    • ptosis profile image


      16 months ago from Arizona

      Too bad this article has received to little attention.

    • Tiffany Latte profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from USA

      The link (Honest Truth) is a possible solution, certainly some will not agree but a conversation must be started and no one person has the answer. Disagree to disagree but the problem of racism exists like a disease that is rotting the flesh of our nation and has to be stopped.

    • Tiffany Latte profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from USA

      This blog brings awareness. No one group is always right. It will take the youth to grow the nation. They all need education, protection and understanding.

      If others have positive ideas, Please leave comments. Knowledge brings about understanding, and this is done only through diiscussion.


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