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Your Vote For The Green Party Matters!

Updated on May 21, 2019
Duane Townsend profile image

Duane is an avid reader and follower of all things social, spiritual, and political, and a committed leftist.

The Democrats Have Abandoned Democracy

We've heard all the manipulative cliches from Democrats:

"Protest votes are a waste"
"The Green Party can't win"
"There are only two choices in this election"
"Don't waste your vote"
"Grow up! Don't be selfish!"

Democrats have adopted dismissive rhetoric to shame others into voting for what they don't want. They don't care what's important to you, they want you to vote for what's important to them. Your values, conscience and issues crucial to you are dismissed with an arrogant conceit. These are people, living in a country with a democratic election process, that will with a straight face, tell others that they 'have no choice' but to vote for the Democrat, whether you like it or not. They're telling others that it's irresponsible to vote ones own principles.

One must be accountable to them for ones vote.
Good bye Democracy, who would have thought the Democrats killed it.


Who Is The People's Voice?

As the Republican party has lurched further into the ideologically loony cornfield of the white male paranoid desperation that Donald Trump represents. The Democrats have tacked more and more conservative to fill the void. This development has left us with essentially two Republican parties. The far right and alt-right, conspiracy theory fueled hate party and, the corporate friendly, moderate Republican party, masquerading as the Democrats.

  • This political reality has assured that there is no meaningful systemic change for the people. Income inequality is becoming set into the societal construct.
  • Environmental issues will not be addressed in a purposeful way.
  • Systemic racial/ethnic injustice become simple campaign rhetoric, not serious policy issues to be addressed.
  • Universal Healthcare becomes little more than a pipe-dream.
  • Poverty remains a generational reality.
  • War becomes normalized and non-ending.
  • The Democrats will continue to joyfully serve Wall Street and the corporate lobby.

Democrats will tell us that due to the threat of Donald Trump, we have no choice but to vote for them, it's too dangerous to vote your own standards and ideals, you have no moral right to choose what's important to you.
Don't fall for it.
It's simply an emotionally manipulative scheme to get your consent for the status quo Democrats represent. Your vote is your voice, don't let them take it.


Compelling Progressive Reasons to Vote Green

Green Party member Scott McLarty Gives Compelling Reasons to vote 3rd party:

(1) One should vote according to one's own conscience, ideals, and interests, without surrendering to "experts" who insist that only two parties or two candidates are legitimate.

(2) Al Gore and Hillary Clinton lost for a long list of reasons that have nothing to do with third-party competition, including their own weak campaigns. (In reality, both won the popular vote.)

(3) Democrats assume without evidence that third-party voters would otherwise have voted Democratic, or would have voted at all. Third-party voters have figured out that the Democratic Party isn't going to be rehabilitated or rescued.

(4) If we keep voting for the lesser evil, we're going to be stuck with a dismal choice between the two War & Wall Street Parties forever. The only way to break out of the two-party stranglehold is by voting for other options and building a third-party alternative.

(5) Yes, we need Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). The Green Party has been pushing RCV for decades, while the two-party establishment has been resisting such efforts to make elections fair and open. Democrats say "It's our democracy." There's no such thing as a democracy limited to two parties, which is only a step away from one-party states.

Now Is The Time

Since the Bernie Sanders insurgency was hi-jacked, derailed, snatched out from under us, by the Democrats, and media's institutional misconduct, in favor of Hillary Clinton. The Green party's tagline has become "It's up to us".
It's up to us to hold our values in the face of vote shaming and ridicule, fear of Trump, and the mockery of status quo conformists.

There is no better time to vote 3d party than now. The two major parties are at their lowest popularity in modern history. The candidates they presented to us were the two most disliked candidates in recorded history.

They'll ask: "Why vote for a party that can't win?"
'Winning' is relative. 5% of the national vote gets the Green party matching Federal funding for the next national election cycle. That allows greater party visibility, and easier access to the national debate stage, and ballot access in all fifty states. It assures better choices in coming elections, 2020, 2024.
5% is a major win if the Green party can accomplish it.
It's up to us.

This is a big picture long sighted process. The critical issues our country faces will not be addressed and corrected in one election cycle, or the next. But, we need to start the process of addressing them now, it's critical. What we do know is that the Democrats and Republicans will not address these critical issues in a prescient manner, not in a way that satisfies we the people. A vote outside the the political box speaks loudly to the Democrats saying "we're tired of being ignored by you."
You can be heard in this election.
You're wasting your vote by voting for Democrat or Republican.

Swallow hard, say a prayer, make this election, 2018 and beyond, the election that you took a stand and said "no more!" and voted for your values.
The Green party platform can be found here

You'll be on the right side of history.

Green Party Roots

© 2016 Duane Townsend


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