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You've won $75m dollars...

Updated on February 15, 2012
N Nineteen
N Nineteen

You wake up as a normal person on THAT day, yet a few hours later you are a very rich person, no longer normal, no longer the same, at least in the eyes of the world, for you have won a huge amount of money, more money than some bankers make in a year.... OK that's an exaggeration and a small dig at bankers, it will take most of them five years to make that much!

But what does life hold for these winners, will they fulfil their dreams, will it bring joy or distress?

I decided to take a look, a snapshot of what their lives were and, where possible, what they became.... where possible, because getting rich can lead to serious anonymity setting into your life.

People disappear from the scene!.... I wonder why?

Oh yeah, every blagger in town is after your money!!!

So let's take a meander along those mystical pathways which open when suddenly you become instantly rich and can do whatever you want to....

Stephen Smith... 18m
Stephen Smith... 18m

Steve Smith, scraped a living as a doorman, a bingo caller and hospital porter before his massive £19million win, but it was a mixed blessing, for he had been diagnosed as having an aortic aneurysm, which could kill him at any time.

His greatest wish was for a four bedroomed bungalow near to a hospital.

Steve said: "We have always had a small home. I want a four-bedroom bungalow - it has to be a bungalow because I can't do stairs.

"I am not flash but I want to buy some nice, quality gear because now I can."

He is also planning to swap his motability car for a Range Rover.

Steve said of the win: "It's like the champagne cork popping. It's Christmas every day from now on and I have not believed in Christmas for a long time.

"We can have some comfort. That is the only way it is going to change me. It's not going to change me as a person. I am the same old Steve, the rough old diamond.

So no fear of Steve dropping gifts down poor folks chimneys then, Oh I forgot, he cannot do stairs, so roofs are out of the question..... good job charity begins at home.

Michael Antonucci thought he was set for life...
Michael Antonucci thought he was set for life...
....married a topless model almost a third of his age in a £10,000 wedding in the Bahamas - and bought her £4,500 breast implants.
....married a topless model almost a third of his age in a £10,000 wedding in the Bahamas - and bought her £4,500 breast implants.

After winning £2.8million Michael Antonucci thought he was set for life.

He stopped working as an antiques dealer and started a playboy existence of fast cars, yachts and luxury holidays.

Then he married a topless model almost a third of his age - and bought her £4,500 breast implants.

The marriage lasted just three months.

Within six years Antonucci was sleeping on a air bed in his office, in a Plymouth pub, after a string of disastrous business decisions. He was forced to return to work in the antiques business.

In the end he was arrested and fined for assaulting a shop owner over a small debt that was owed by him to the shop.

He had spent...

  • £750,000 on buying a former convent.
  • £250,000 on another home.
  • £300,000 pounds setting up a failed furniture store.
  • £80,000 for two Mercedes convertibles.
  • £8,000 on a jet-ski and £30,000 on a 21ft power boat.
  • £250,000 on a recording studio.
  • £10,000 on holidays.
  • £40,000 trying to launch a pop band.
  • £25,000 on designer clothes.

His wife Kelly Arkins kept their £350,000 home when they split up.

Obviously money cannot buy happiness, though this lucky winner gave it a good try even if he did manage to do most of the classic errors that one could manage.

Had he invested that money into a secure investment, at that time he could have had over £100,000 per year interest to live from.... such is life!

He was surprisingly short on giving to charity as well!

Whilst you are reading... hear a classic!

Keith and Louise Gough
Keith and Louise Gough

Keith and Louise Gough won £9million on the lottery, but after the win, Mr Gough who had worked as a baker, stopped working and started drinking heavily, leading to the break-up of their 25-year-marriage.

When they separated the wife, who bought the winning ticket, gave her husband £1.5million

He checked in to the Priory rehabilitation clinic in Birmingham, was befriended by a conman and lost the lot.

What is becoming obvious is that most of these winners have no natural aptitude to handle these sums of money, and that either the lottery company does not advise them, or more probably they do not listen to the advice.

It is also interesting to note that in the separation and divorce, the wife gave the husband 15% of the cash, rather than the 50% that he would have been entitled to.

So obviously our Keith was and hopefully is a nice guy who walked away from it all rather than start a fight over money. I wish him well.

Abraham Shakespear, killed for his money?
Abraham Shakespear, killed for his money?

Abraham Shakespeare, a 43-year-old truck driver, won a $31 million Florida lottery prize in 2006.

He was challenged in court by a former workmate who claimed that Shakespear had stolen the winning ticket from his wallet, but he won that case.

So obviously money does not make or buy friends!

He went missing in April 2009, but the family did not report him absent until November, and nobody thought that to be unusual as the investigating Sheriff stated, when a body was found; "We had hoped to find Shakespeare alive, and that he truly had just wanted to hide from those who were asking him for money’.

He added: ‘As our investigation continued, the information we developed led us to believe he may very well have ended up with an untimely death.’...and he had.... buried in concrete.

So money can be a dangerous experience, and indeed one Sicilian winner demanded total anonymity when they won £79 million, fearing quite rightly that it would make them a target for the Mafia, and clearly when you win, you become a target for any number of people, good willed and bad intented, who want to get a share of your winnings.

...The seven-strong syndicate, all based in Merseyside, scooped 45,570,835.50 in the Euromillions draw... Winners: (l to r) Emma Cartwright, Ceri Scullion, Sean Connor, Alex Parry, James Bennett, Donna Rhodes and John Walsh celebrate their win.
...The seven-strong syndicate, all based in Merseyside, scooped 45,570,835.50 in the Euromillions draw... Winners: (l to r) Emma Cartwright, Ceri Scullion, Sean Connor, Alex Parry, James Bennett, Donna Rhodes and John Walsh celebrate their win.

The so called 'Magnificent Seven' were all co workers at a major corporation when their number came up...

Syndicate leader John Walsh said: 'I couldn't sleep on Sunday morning so ended up checking the numbers on Teletext at 3am.

'I couldn't believe it when all our numbers came up. I had to wake up my wife, son and daughter so they could double check I wasn't dreaming.

Mr Walsh said he left the winning ticket in his desk drawer at work so went in on Sunday morning to make sure it was still there and then called the rest of the syndicate to tell them the good news.

He said: 'I didn't quite get the response I expected because, with the economy in the state that it is in, everyone has been worried about jobs, so they all thought I was calling them to tell they had been made redundant.

'But thankfully I got to tell them some good news instead.'

Sean Connor, who is unmarried and has no children, said: 'When I saw John was calling me on a Sunday I really feared the worst and thought it must be to tell me we had been made redundant.

'Instead he told me we had won the lottery. I couldn't believe it. It has always been my dream to travel to South America so I'm planning a trip there as soon as possible.

'I am also hoping to get a box at Goodison Park so I can watch the mighty Blues in style.'

The news was perfect timing for John Walsh and his wife, Margaret, who had been made redundant from her job in January.

He added: 'It wasn't a great start to the year but it is certainly looking up for 2010. We are now looking forward to a fabulous Christmas, hopefully starting with a family trip to New York, which is one of our favourite places, for a spot of Christmas shopping.'

James Bennett, who is married to Vicky, and has two sons, aged six and six months.

He said: 'I honestly can't remember how I felt when I heard the news that we had won. It is a complete blank.

'I have never owned a house and always rented so our first priority is to buy our own place.

'We have already been searching on the internet and it is the most amazing feeling to be able to click the button which says 'No maximum price'.

'It is hard to believe that these dream homes we are looking at are now in our price range.

'The best thing is knowing I can now support my children for the rest of their lives - there is simply no better feeling than that.'

Emma Cartwright said she had not slept or eaten since she found out the news.

She said: 'My dad, Barry, was made redundant from his job earlier this year so this couldn't have come at a better time for us.

'I'll be helping out my family and also paying off my mortgage.

'It is just the best early Christmas present I could have hoped for.'

Ceri Scullion is married to Nathan, 41, and has two teenage sons.

She said: 'My mother passed away earlier this year and she loved to do the lottery so I am convinced she had something to do with me winning.

'It is very sad that I can't share this with her but I know she would have been so happy for me and the family.

'I know that my dad is very proud and I will make sure that Nathan's family want for nothing.

'I was in the beautician's having a manicure when John called me with the news. The whole salon was jumping around celebrating with me, it was amazing.

'The salon owner called me up afterwards and asked if I wanted to buy her business from her.

'I'm not sure if that is exactly what I had in mind for my winnings.

'Instead I think I'll buy a nice holiday in Menorca and maybe even a BMW.'

Ceri said she planned to make a donation to Alder Hey Children's Hospital where both her sons had been treated when they were younger, including Jake who had a hole in the heart when he was five.

She said: 'I want to give money to Alder Hey because they have been very good to my children - both had medical issues.

'They do deserve a minibus or something because without them my sons wouldn't be here.'

Donna Rhodes, lives with her partner David, 38, and their two teenage children.

She said: 'I didn't have any holidays left and was due to work all over Christmas but I won't have to any more - instead I can hand in my notice.

'My mother Gladys is in her 70s and is the sole carer for my brother who suffers from MS, so we are hoping to buy a big house so they can come to live with us and we can help look after him as well.

'We'd also love a little holiday home in Malta.'

It's too soon to know how these winners will fare yet, but I wish them well and it seems that this happy bunch all want to help those who need help.

Maybe in a while we'll take a look at them again, if they can be found!

So what would I do if I won that amount of cash?

....and what would you do?

In Spain lottery tickets are sold in booths or in the street by official vendors...
In Spain lottery tickets are sold in booths or in the street by official vendors...
The Christmas ticket can be a massive win, often a whole village will win because the tickets are sold in 'parts'
The Christmas ticket can be a massive win, often a whole village will win because the tickets are sold in 'parts'

I would have no problem deciding what to do, for if I had won the lottery I would know it was from God.... why?.... well mostly because I don't buy the tickets!

But let's assume that one morning I awaken with a series of numbers emblazoned upon my mind and the words 'buy a ticket' ringing in my ears, then I would obviously win... one ticket, one win, that's how God does things. I have bought lottery tickets on occasion, but not with the intent of winning or expecting that the lottery will be my salvation, simply because it felt right in the obscure town I would normally be in when I saw a lottery seller.

In Spain lottery tickets are sold in booths or in the street by official vendors, all of whom (currently) work for O.N.C.E which is the official organisation for the blind and disabled folk.

So they get a decent living from it, and the state earns a fortune from the sales tax, and a few folk get really rich every week.

The Euro-weekly lottery will often 'roll-over' and can reach astounding heights of cash to win, meaning that on THOSE weeks there can be queues outside the lottery booths to get a ticket.

Anyhow, let's say that last Friday I awoke with those numbers.... here is what I would do.

  • 10% would be set aside immediately for charitable donations, which as a Christian would probably be mostly to Christian charities.
  • 10% would be put into a current account to take care of 'things'.... I have always had what I call a 'ritual blood letting' whenever I have been blessed with a large sum of money, and I have been blessed that way a few times in this life! - it helps to set aside a rabbit patch that you can feel free to spend on whatever you want without fear of feeling bad.
  • 80% would go on long term deposit, wherever I could get the highest annual return.

The income from these deposits would be used to help wherever we saw need or a deserving situation, and I would 'employ' my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ to be the eyes and ears of this operation, as well as setting up a website where people could present cases that merited assistance.

Now I have 'friends and brothers and sisters in Christ' all over the world, so it would be a widespread search for good causes!

Most of the help would be small, by comparison, but significant where it was applied.

You see I think spending your time helping others to achieve what has been frustrated in their lives is about the most satisfying thing you could hope to do, and in fact we have in part got that satisfaction in our daily lives anyway, but it would sure be a whole lot easier and reach a lot more folk if we had those millions to put to work.

Money cannot buy you happiness, but it can buy other people happiness, and that will at least raise a smile on your face and a feeling of contentment as you go about your daily 'work'.

Besides, spending it all on yourself seems like a dangerous thing to do!

Luckiest man wins twice..

What would you do...?

Vote for what you would put as you main priority...

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    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 

      11 years ago from trailer in the country

      Hi...I had a dream a few weeks before christmas (this year)...In the dream I was at a job that I held when I was a the dream I kept trying to punch 3 numbers into the cash register...I tried 3 times to punch it in before I was able to complete the task. The numbers were 388...I kept telling my husband to play the numbers...3 weeks later on Christmas Eve the numbers 388 were the Pick 3. He didn't play those numbers that day.

      Then he is at the store the next day...and some guy tells him that his wife had told him recently to play those same numbers...and he forgot to play them on christmas eve.

      In retrospect I understand my dream (but too late) my dream it was the Christmas rush (which was always the worse on Christmas Eve)...I tried 3 times to punch the numbers (the dream was 3 weeks before)

      I think it is more strange that two men would meet and talk about how both had wives who told them to pick the same number. Synchronicity.

    • msorensson profile image


      11 years ago

      Great hub, thanks for sharing.

    • caretakerray profile image

      Ray Van Hoff 

      11 years ago from Michigan U.S.A.


      Thanx for a great hub. :) We all dream of 'instant' riches. It is fun to dream


    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi Gracenotes, it's a true expression that says "our possessions possess us" and I've proven it to be true in my past.

      Thanks for commenting....


    • gracenotes profile image


      11 years ago from North Texas

      Well, some folks simply cannot handle it. I have some distant relatives who came into money (not by the lottery), and there is nothing but estrangement and bitterness in their family. My mom has reminded me of their miserable condition when I've voiced my wish for more material abundance.

      If I did win a lot of money in a lottery (never bought a ticket, though), I would give a certain amount of money to the Lord, and quite a lot to those in need. I would get a different car and finish paying off my mortgage. Don't want a lot of fancy possessions -- they take too much time to maintain and insure!

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi Dean,

      Actually the pleasure is all mine, I'm glad we 'met' on the hub, and that I have met so many fine folk here...

      My lifes been spasmodic, born poor, got rich, got divorced, got drunk and doped, got Christ, got faith and trust, got to help folk, got rich again, got screwed by accountants and partners, getting back to my first love....

      I'm content, if a little anxious at times!

      Stay Blessed,


    • cheaptrick profile image


      11 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      Hi John,I collect novelty signs as a hobby,just got this one

      "It is Better to be Rich and Miserable

      than it is to be Poor and Miserable"lol

      I started life in abject poverty which sucked!Now my Partner and I make enough that we're on a First Name basis with the IRS.

      Ya know...Money or not,being happy comes from loving our selves first,then we can love those around us Much Better!I succeeded in life because I took to heart something my father said when I was very young"Find something you Love to Do and the money will come on it's Own"...It sure worked for me...

      Thank you my friend for letting me take up so much space in your life.


    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Thanks awwwbut... I'd run the risk! - but then I've run it before with personal money and lost! and realised that trusting God and relying on Christ is the only way! - hair raising, but still the only way!

      Thanks for dropping by!.... I'll come visit you pages.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Such a great hub! Your 'if it was you' ideas are great - but would you be willing to run the risk knowing all those bad stories!! lol I like you, would love the dollars to help give - I hope through my example my children are learning to give and sacrifice even though we may not have the dollars, we are not short on the time or desire. I'll be following along - I really enjoy your perpective.

    • RevLady profile image


      11 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      A no brainier for me. If I were to be awarded this amount of money, ninety percent would be donated to charities and non profits that I care about such as hospice, cancer foundation, organizations helping terminally ill children and their families, Muscular Sclerosis, and others. I would also help certain grass root ministries including my own.

      The other ten percent would go toward helping my aging, ailing and struggling family and friends.

      Thank you for the thought provoker. Nice to think about.

      Forever His,

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      A wise friend of mine said that when you buy a lottery ticket, you bless someone that God wants to bless, though looking at the history of lottery winners that's debatable.

      They say power corrupts, and ultimate power corrupts ultimately, so winning enough money to be able to do as you wish is obviously always a danger, but I do believe that (for instance)the young man who won $159,000,000 and pledged to give it all to Gods Glory was probably being rewarded for being faithful in little sometime.

      Gambling per say is not the problem, relying on something other than God for our existence and provision is the problem.

      Christians gamble every day of their lives, except normally it's gambling with their very life rather than Ceasars dinerus.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      11 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      John, Aguasilver my brother, how is the 30 in 30 coming along?

      It's great to dream of such things. But as a Christian I know that God neither condones nor rewards gambling.

      Money can not buy happiness though. As for peace of mind, it would eleviate the stress of all those bills, but what about the stress it will create having such an amount?

      You might be able to afford to improve your physical health with such money, through invasive surgery of one sort or another, but the shock of actually receiving such money could give you a heart attack and kill you before you got the chance for improvement.

      Such a reward in one's life is only going to come from That particular one that we as Christians, struggle and fight to aviod daily,Lucifer.

      If I were to win such an amount,Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!? I would make sure that I set aside just enough, say one million dollars so that my wife and I could live comfortably in our old age, give my immediate family a share to insure their financial comforts and then what ever the balance is would go to 10% my church as my tithe, and the balance to "Feed the Children"

      That's what I'd do.

      Brother Dave.

    • profile image

      Marliza Gunter 

      11 years ago

      you scaring me Aqua...i wanted to be abundantly blessed one you tell me i might grow horns and a tail with too much money....hehe..only joking! i agree with UG...i see money as a tool...and if you can help someone with money that satan tries to beat down to a pulp...well..then it can even be a powerful weapon against Jesus said, YOU give them food, clothes, a safe place to stay..He did not say to form a prayer meeting...very good blessed..

    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 

      11 years ago from Arizona

      I would have Fed-Ex ship a pair of clean under wear and a roll of tissue to Heaven for me,'cuz if I wake up there I'll be so happy I'll probably crap my pants. After that I'll hire an attorney then convert the paper to the gold standard so when the system collapses I'll still have something that will be better than toilet paper. After that a sabbatical to Jerusalem so I can feel the air on the places Christ walked, not that would be a better place than right here to have a Long talk with Jesus but because I've wanted to go there and after feeling the experience it would be time to pray some and then some more. I would be in prayer for where the money should go and I'm sure that a party is not the answer but I'm also sure that back to any government is not the answer as well. Food, clothing and Bible teaching to as many that would listen to the message of how they were made whole and prepared for the first death so they wouldn't be subject to the second death of their soul for eternity. Would deceivers line up? well I think we all know the answer to that, but who cares? if the key to more wealth was offered and they cheated? who would they be cheating? after all it is just money isn't it? I don't buy the tickets to start with so it would be a true miracle to find the winning ticket on the ground. I'm just passed the time in life where it could be any better than it is. I am slave to no man or lending agency, I've plenty of food and water and the roof don't leak. I'm in a position where I cannot ask for more, it's toward the end of the month and I lack 14 dollars of having 37 cents, (Roger Miller) yet I need nothing ' cuz Jesus is great and Jesus is good and if you trust in him he will deliver you up to the Father of all Fathers for an eternal gift. Who could ask for more? not me, that's for sure!

      John, a good hub to put ones mind to task!

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      It was probably a happy day for them also!

      I have found that it is easier to give when you have little, than when you have lots.

      Money is pernitious when you have too much.


    • Unchained Grace profile image

      Unchained Grace 

      11 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Money all by itself won't buy happiness. It never did. True joy and happiness cannot come from temporary materialism. It's cheap idolatry which will always get you jammed up if you worship the almighty Yen, dollar or whatever.

      Money, to me, is a tool. Pure and simple. Provided by God for a given purpose. I remember one day I used the last $10 in my wallet to buy a homeless husband and wife a bucket of chicken and a 2 litre bottle of soda. That was a very happy day for me.

    • Sanctus Vesania profile image

      Sanctus Vesania 

      11 years ago

      I remember back in 2007 when I was working the over night shift at a gas station, one of my co-workers sold this older couple a $20 ticket, and they won $100,000

      A year or so later the man killed himself.

      So money definitely doesn't buy happiness.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      11 years ago

      I have read about the unfortunate circumstances many lottery winners find themselves in. The problem is that for most of them, the concept of taking care of their money is so foreign that they run amok. What a sad waste. Money can't buy you happiness and in these cases it invited disaster, but truly it can be a great thing if handled wisely.

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Thanks for commenting, it is a good thing to think about, for our Father does have cattle on a thousand hills, and I think we too often forget that $75m to God is a spit in the ocean... maybe if we make our plans, He will approve them, and remember, God needs no lottery to send funds!

      I'm glad both you guys 8collective term) got in first, I respect you comments, now, (other readers) tell us what YPU would do?

    • Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

      JG the IGNITER 

      11 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals

      Oh wowzie! This is probably one of your best hubs for me to respond to :) Coolbeans. What would I do? Firstly, I would have to go sit alone with God for a day or two...maybe more and be balanced spritually-emotionally.

      I would keep my city apartment and live here still...while building the home that I will need to help do God's work in the future.(lots of bedrooms for guests and fireplaces and wood burning stoves!)Where? I dunno. (I figure when I talk with God, he will let me know. he he) I am not a crystal-diamond-fancysmancy girl-so I don't see me buying cars-jewelry blah blah blah...

      I would do no investment in any earthly things, such as property-stocks-bonds due to the fact that it will be gone and none of these things will have any value one day in my mind.

      Then I would travel to meet the people and situations that God tells me to. That should leave me a lifetime of work to do and it will be better than serving a beer or a hamburger with no purpose!

      Great Hub! Enjoyed reading it and I really enjoyed thinking about this one!

    • Unchained Grace profile image

      Unchained Grace 

      11 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      John, I'll tell you this. If it ever happened like that for me, Holy Truth Veterans Housing Program along with our additional programs for homeless and crisis intervention would get one serious boost!! I would keep very little for my wife and I. God has my back. I'm not concerned.

      Unchained Grace Ministries, LLC would set up more homes for the homeless and to develop fully the upcoming Apostle of Deliverance Miracle & Healing Crusade. That's what I would do.

      There was a time I had serious money. Not like that, but I lived comfortably. There was something missing, though. There was an empty feeling about it. I had the toys and all, but that didn't get it.

      I do know what I wouldn't do which you already displayed above.


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    ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
    Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)
    ClickscoThis is a data management platform studying reader behavior (Privacy Policy)