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Abraham Bolden

Updated on February 19, 2014

If you've ever thought someone would have talked by now had JFK been killed as the result of a conspiracy, you need to become familiar with former Secret Servic

The first African American Secret Service agent to see presidential protection duty was framed and imprisoned because he knew too much about protocol violations by JFK's team in Dallas and a previous threat against JFK in Chicago that brought Oswald's name to Secret Service attention and he was talking about it.

He's out of prison, he's written a book about his experience and he's touring and talking.

Abraham Bolden has a theory about the person on the grassy knoll who showed Secret Service credentials, though it's known there were no Secret Service agents there. ALL Secret Service I.D.s were quietly replaced shortly after the assassination for no apparent reason. He believes this was actually done in order to replace the I.D. of a JFK protection detail Secret Service agent who had his pocket picked while drinking in a Dallas night club during the early hours of November 22,1963.

Abraham Bolden

Abraham Bolden
Abraham Bolden

Abraham Bolden video

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Get False Mystery here

False Mystery is the final word on the JFK assassination, its cover-up and the research community who debate the details, from the very first person to ever publish criticism of The Warren Report.

Salandria insists that JFK's killers WANTED it to be obvious that their conspiracy was what it was: an assassination of a sitting president by the military/intelligence community, that the rest of the world had NO POWER WHATSOEVER to do anything in response to, except to accept it. While one may say that this is unacceptable, Salandria says he is forced to disagree, for the simple reason that it was accepted from the start and is accepted to this day, by everyone from JFK's successor right down to you and I.

Get this book and read it. It's the definitive volume on why there hasn't been any real mystery about who killed JFK almost since the day he was shot.

JFK And The Unspeakable

I've read a hundred books about the JFK presidency, his assassination, research into that event and related people. In my experience, this is the best book to date covering all of these topics.

Important JFK assassination research material

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    • jeffersonline profile image

      jeffersonline 5 years ago

      A great lens Bob - please have a look at mine - We are reading of the same hymn sheet here!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Loved the lense

    • profile image

      OnlineCoachService 9 years ago

      It's really refreshing to see people working to bring down the sadly mistaken policies that bring about tradgedies like this. Only a state of transparency and complete accountability will ensure a strong rageme. There's no end to secret agendas. They cause so much harm and confusion, no good can ever come of them. After all, if you are instigating the interests of your own secret agenda there's one thing you'll never know and that is; in forwarding the cause of your own secret agenda you may well become the target of someone else's!

      Where does it end. Due process is the only way to ensure the best interests of all.