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A House Divided

Updated on June 14, 2022

The Greatest Nation in the World

The United States of America is the greatest nation on planet earth. You might ask, “What makes the United States so great?” I would answer, short and straight to the point, “The American people!” Embodied in the very being of the American people is the endurance of generations that will not let the nation fail or give up. We have seen much turmoil, and many adverse conditions have arisen against us as a nation. But the American people labored hard, fought long, and united to overcome all the adversity that surfaced to destroy us.

In times past, this togetherness has kept us strong and united, giving meaning to a nation that took pride in its name, the United States of America. But in 2010, that same America has now become a divided house, and unless we can unite for the common cause of attacking the nation’s problems instead of attacking each other, we will all self-destruct.

We are a nation that wastes too much time bickering among ourselves to be of any good to each other. And although most Americans speak unity, some Americans only have self-seeking motives and will stop short of nothing to accomplish their ends, even if it means selling out to the things that will eventually destroy us.

America's Hidden Enemies

Racism is one enemy that has been a thorn in the side of America since the nation was founded. Yet there are those in America who would say that racism is no longer a problem. But contrary to popular belief, racism is very much alive today. There are still places in America, like Jena, LA; where near-riot conditions erupted because of a “white” tree, where black students were not allowed to sit during the heat of the day. Can you believe that—a white tree in the 21st Century! It sounds like something out of a 1950s time capsule.

Another enemy can be found hidden in America’s segregated political parties, Democrats and Republicans, each having their right-wing extremists and personal agendas. To these political parties, it is all about liberalism vs. conservatism, but to millions of Americans, the agendas of the two divided political parties are translated into joblessness, homelessness, and hungriness.

When we vote, we elect members of the United States Senate and Congress to represent us. But after the election, our elected officials adorned themselves in garments of selfishness and masks of greediness, only to forget us. Yet in their lies, they each coin the phrase, “We represent the American people.” But do they represent America as a whole or just the rich faction of America?

But the biggest enemy of all in America is greed, all brought about by tax laws that favor the rich, not to mention rising medical and insurance costs. The rich are getting richer while keeping the poor in a place where they will never move out of poverty.

A Divided America

While Congress fights a President who inherited an economy already in shambles, it is evident in their actions that the fight is not about helping the American people. It is about a political party that acts like pouting children whose only motive is to get their way, and when they do not, they rebel with their resurrected “Tea Parties.” These Tea Baggers should all be held accountable for promoting division among Americans based on their selfish motives.

The house that once was united is now divided. And this division is built on false pride. If we don’t unite America, the outcome and the future of our beloved and great country shall be one of destruction. For it is written, “Pride goes before the fall.”

United We Stand

I have lived through seven decades in America, and as you would suppose, I have seen and experienced the ups and downs of a nation in turmoil. As an African American male, living through the Jim Crow era was the most challenging time of my life. And although racism has always been a profound and damaging divide in America, I am optimistic that we will overcome it. We are a nation of many races, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. I believe there is more that unites us than divides us, and we are more powerful now than ever because of our diverse population.

Our faith in American democracy unites us. Our democracy is sturdy enough to see us through social and political disruption. Let us join and stand together for the common good of all Americans. A democracy is as good as its voters. Your vote is your voice, so remember your vote. God bless the United States of America, and may God bless you.


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