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animals in shirt and trousers

Updated on January 26, 2014

We are all animals

We are all animals; higher or lower, it doesn’t matter. What makes man higher is not totally the complexity of his brain. For an average man uses only 10% of the capacity of his brain while a dolphin uses 100%. In terms of complexity, a dolphin is higher. The higher thing in man may not really be the complexity of his brain; it may actually be because he walks upright else he would have been considered lower in comparison to a dolphin.

Man’s complexity versus animal

Some say because of co-ordination of activities, but nay, the little ant with little and almost no brain is more co-ordinated than man. Thus the brain complexity is not the issue and certainly not what makes man intelligent but his very ability to use it to the fullest capacity.

In the same vein, we may consider some of the upright animals in similar intelligence to man (monkeys, gorillas, bear, kangaroo), what may seem different here would how they use it. Someone may counter or oppose this premise by saying in terms of feasible results of information technology; man is more intelligent. Well, I may not fully agree to that school of thought, the reason or basis for this premise is just the fact that man has a soul to operate in the intellectual world. In one way, we could say that man belongs to and exists in that world of intellectuals. But in this world despite the little use of our brain; we still make head way.

The supposed undoing of animals

The only undoing for animals is perhaps if they do not possess a soul and this will mean that they do not operate in the world of intellectuals because they don’t belong there and have nothing to contact that world. If a soul could be provided for a dolphin, our seas would soon be converted to what we can never imagine before. It would have been changed by technology into another world entirely.

Or better still; what if both animals and man possess a soul, then we may need to dwell on the premise that states that; the environment of development of an individual strongly determines the pattern for the development or complexity of the information processed in the brain. For instance, a man who was born in the bush and the gorillas and monkeys took him into custody and began to bring him up and train him. Such a man has a normal brain but will definitely use the brain in similar part to that of the gorillas and monkeys. It doesn’t matter whether he uses part of the brain or all. He would definitely run, shout and jump like the gorillas. The reason to this is not farfetched. It is simply because the brain of such a man now exist in another psychological environment and must thus move or develop into its complexity in that pattern and direction.

The true fact

In the same vein, a dog born into a human family and taken care and trained by every member of the family as part of them will soon begin to exhibit some human complexities. In fact, the dog may soon begin to practice how to stand upright to do things like other members of the family and may even go as far as muttering words or trying to utter words in man’s language. Thus we can infer that environment is an essential factor in the pattern of development and complexities of a man’s cognitive capacity. This explains the persistence in emergence of inventors from certain parts of the world.

Conclusively, I see everyone in the street, house, vehicles, and offices as an animal. Animals on tie, animals on shirt and trousers, animals in skirt and blouse, animals in suite. What makes the difference is how much you have been using your brain.


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