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Freedom: Reality or just an Illusion?

Updated on June 30, 2009

Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty in New York, USA Press photo © 2000-2006 NewOpenWorld Foundation
The Statue of Liberty in New York, USA Press photo © 2000-2006 NewOpenWorld Foundation

Freedom For Each Of Us

What freedom really means? Are we really free? Is there a person in this world which is free? Mystery questions or questions without the answer which will exist in any human society. Each of us have a different point of view about freedom. Some of us feel free while others feel that they are controlled by others. What each person understand through freedom, depends on each one's mentality, social category, educational level, political party that runs the country they live in and many others. Liberty was, is and will be a controversial subject and this mostly based on political background. Any party running a country, a society, must take care of its population, must ensure a good life for each person belonging to the society it represents. In order to do this, the leading people develop different plans in collaboration with other countries or internal plans. Some of the internal plans are confidential (such as weapons information, strategies) and can be accessed only by a restricted number of peoples. This might be one of the reasons some of the citizens have the right or wrong impression that those who have power, use it for they're own interests.

The Constitution

What really is constitution? The constitution is the fundamental and supreme law in a country that determines the government form, social-economic and political structure, organization of and attributions of government institutions, citisen's essential rights and obligations.

So this means that the constitution is represented by essential laws in a country. Laws that anyone belonging to that country, to that society, must comply with including those who have been elected by majoruty to run the country. The other laws are just the same laws written in constitution but more detailed and elabored. The constitution can be changed by peoples, government and opozition (the other partyes wich are not part of government) through vote session (in major cases) or through other laws wich correct the innitial law and called ammendments.


Let's begin with a short definition and the word society: Any mass of people, living in the same area, having the same habits, interests and rules, having a common leader is called society.

An important characteristic is that society usually have a leader who takes decisions and represents the society members. We (as humans) have well organised society. The Earth is divided in continents which are divided in Countries; each country have cities and so on like a pyramid.

Each country has a well organised leading team called govern. From time to time (usualy 4 or 5 years dependig on the government form), actual govern organise elections. Through this, peoples decides who is going to be they're next  leaders. In the past, most of countryes's government form was moarchy in wich the whole power was held by a monarch. Depending on the type of monarchy, the monarch could be elected (in elective monarchy) or inherited from a relative wich was usualy the father or brother (in ereditary monarcy).

Living In A Society

When you chose to live in a society, you agree that you have to play by the same rules every citizen is. The constitution gives you rights, but in the same time gives you obligations. When the law obligates you to do something it actually protects other person. You are not allowed to steal something, because the country must ofer protection for that person you are trying to steal from. This is the reason police and appropriate institutions exists.

I have heard people saying: "i am not free, if i want to kill someone, i can't". Well as a matter effect you can. Every one can do everything he or she wants. But of course, for everithing you do you have to endure the consequnces. No-one can play with our free-will. You can do all you want without disturbing the others. It is the only way a society cand accept you. They do something for you, you make something for them. the rule of compensation.

Your freedom stops where you interfeer with anyone other's freedom.


No-one knows the real history. Sometimes the population is lied by government. For example, on 11.03.2001. In everyone's mind exist the possibility of a conspiration. The attack was associated with the business connections between Bin Laden family (Usama Bin Laden being the first suspect), and Bush family (the family of the US president at that time). There are several contradictions between the officials and the mass media observed this instantly. There have been made several simulations to demonstrate that the Twin Towers could not collapse after a plane impact. Some facts were hidden from the wide audience. The question is: why? This is a conspiracy and maybe the history will bring to light the truth. In history the truth is found out after many years when no one who planned that conspiracy is alive.

A lot of things have been said about the secrets authorities hides from us. The most known theories about this are:

  • the existence of aliens - many people reported weird phenomenons, lights on the sky, flying plates over they're homes, kidnaps. There are some who said that they passed out and they woke up in another place. In some cases some information, pictures movies were published by mass-media about UFOs. People think that the secret services of the planet, contacted foreign civilizations long time ago, but they keep it secret.
  • masonry- people consider masonry and masons, a group of people with lots of money who control the world.
  • assassinates- there was cases (such as Kennedy case) in which a public and important person had been assassinated. Evin in our days we still don't know who the killer was and why president Kennedy was assassinated. The assassination of Nicole Ceausescu (the Romanian dictator). He was shoot by revolted army during the Romanian revolution in 1989. This is the official variant of the story. Population does not exclude the implication of secret services from other countries.
  • attempts- the latest major is the one at 11.09.2001 when 2 planes hitted World Trade Center buildings (The Twin Towers). Lots of families lost a member there. Part of population accused USA that they planned the WTC tragedy, just to blame Arabians, to have a solid reason to attack them and use they're resources of oil.
  • clones and human experiments- to clone or to make experiments on people is against the law, against the church in any country of the world. Still there are people who say that some countries really do this and they keep it secret. Through this method, scientists want to develope vital human body parts.

No doubt there are tons of secret kept away from mass-media and from population. Probably peoples will find out about them after a long period of time.

There were many conspiracies along history. Starting with the assassination of Caesar in old Roman Empire till our days..

As simple citizens we are not able to do anything against those powerful minds which we elected, we provided them the power for doing from our society a secure place.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      you're a brave man! my saying is that liberty is not just an illusion.

    • kknde profile image


      7 years ago from ROmania

      Unfortunately, true..I agree with him

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Freedom means without limitations. If you are a poor, starving child, then you have the freedom to go get the food you want.. right? Not exactly. You are limited. Freedom is an illusion. Rights, also don't exist. A piece of paper does not grant you anything, does not give you anything. If they can be taken away, they're not rights. You don't have the right to do anything. Laws do not exist. Think about it.

      Only liberty and consequences exist. Action in nature.


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi Cara. Um im not saying that living in a society is without its benefits, like everything it has its positives and negatives, I was just trying to make a point to Don_Johnny that for a lot of people its not so easy to just up and move, whether its to another socety, or into the wilderness.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      guest942671 you are one open minded person. I like the way you think. I like the way Don_Johnny thinks too. So it is true, you don't afford to move on, you have no skills to live by yourselfe true true true. But you just said the magic word. Skill. You don't have it. So could this be the confort and help offered by living in society? well, i guess. Well i will subscribe to this article and wait for Don_Johnny to post another article, on the same subject. I would like you to do the same and have a deeper debate on this. So guest942671 subscribe and Don_Johnny write more on this subject. Have a great night. See ya all later.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      And if I was to move to another society, or city, chances are all the same bullshit is going to be there too. Brainless politicians, money hungry corporations and mindless consumers. All I'd be doing by moving is transfering all my problems from one place to another.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I don’t know about you Don_Johnny but I don’t have the money to just up and move when I want.I don’t even have a good vehicle so how do you propose I move myself and my 2 kids? And where im from its against the law to take children younger than 16 out of school, so that’s a whole other issue.And even if I did move into the wilderness, I don’t have the knowledge and skills to survive let alone raise children, im from the city. I’ve been a Physical Therapist for 3 years now and I haven't had a single vacation , all my money goes into paying bills and my children so hopefully they will have more opportunities and choices than I have. But im not complaining, im happy, im just saying that for many people its not so easy.

    • fishupstream profile image


      9 years ago from Milky Way Galaxy

      every society gives way to the next, if you don't like your society just wait a little while, if that's too hard - go do something about it.

    • Don_Johnny profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      You are right, guest942671, you did not chose the society live in. But you can always chose to move on to another society. You can go live by yourselfe in a wild place without any rules or laws, but in the same time you will not have the same benefits. Live in society, with rules, work to contribute at society's development and have others working for you're comfort or the second choice, live by yourselfe in wildness with no rules but work for your food, comfort and protection. Nobody forces you to stay in the society you are now. Or, the third variant is to move on in another society.

      I never choosed to be a Christian but I have the possibility to get baptised again and move on to another religion. I am waiting for more comments from you. This is getting interesting.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I read it, it was interesting and I agree with most of it except for this part:

      "When you chose to live in a society, you agree that you have to play by the same rules every citizen is."

      I never chose to live in this society, I was born into it, and I never agreed to play by any rules, I feel such rules, laws and obligations have been forced onto us. But hey, what can we do about it besides electing another idiot in hopes that we might get a better deal. That’s just my opinion.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      ur thaughts r too nice

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      9 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Freedom and free and dumb are not the same.Some would say they are free and yet we all depend on each other for that freedom to exist.Anyone who claims to be free and doesn't realize this is dumb.Anywhere in the world ,even in the U.S.A.those with money have more freedom than those who don't.Society in general agrees that everyone truly in need should get help.They may however not agree on the extent those in need should helped.There are some who favor making "helping those in need a business in itself,by giving the needy just enough to survive,but not enough to be able to help themselves.Like giving them a place to live and even food and utilities,but without a job to help themselves ,they are perpetually dependent on the state Is this a case of a minority trying to keep their job which depends on there being needy people all the time in order for those social workers to keep their jobs or even increase the number of social workers which most probably are unionized.Unions are always trying to increase their membership.Do we want people who can help themselves or not?


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