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The embargoes on DPRK (North Korea,List)

Updated on June 11, 2013

Embargoes? Yes please.

First to make it clear what an embargo is!

Embargoes are economic sanctions that are imposed against a particular state/government. The foreign trade traffic with this state is restricted or fully prohibited, depending on what the embargo exactly states. Embargoes are often used to force countries to perform certain actions or to prevent it from performing certain actions.

With regard to embargoes, North Korea has had a long history. After nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009, the UN Security Council sanctioned the Korean government mainly through trade embargoes, which although locked North Korea completely, hit the N. Korean population heavily. In 2012 the USA aided North Korea with 240 000 tonnes of food aid, in return for the halting of all nuclear tests within DPRK. Although the embargoes are in force, their are often violations, especially with regard to luxury goods. The United Nations have since then sought many solutions to the question of North Korea, but have till this moment failed. Bu also many other countries are also individually involved such the USA or China.

The USA and DPRK have never had positive relations. This relationship has always varied between the republicans and the democrats in the US. The countries main worries are the nuclear research and developing programs and the possible sale of nuclear weapons to terrorist organizations.

China on the other hand is North Korea's main partner politically and economically. These both countries are in fact allies and have intensive political relations unlike the USA due to their ideological commonalities.

In order to lift the embargoes the UN do need the ability to communicate and discuss openly the question with the North Korean government. The whole process relies greatly on the country itself. If the country complies with the relevant resolutions of the UN all embargoes will be lifted. But that is easier said than done. To do such a thing, DPRK would have to sign many treaties, policies and most importantly abandon all nuclear research programs. The international community truly doubts such a possibility and believes that it is the only way to solve the issues, unless international intervention comes into being, but that will not occur for sure in the near future. So again the only thing to do, is hope the new leader of North Korea, does realize that by letting the embargoes and sanctions on his country to be continued, he is only starving and degrading his people. And at this time, these embargoes are maybe the only impediments between peace and a nuclear war.

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