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BoingBoing Goes BodyArt

Updated on September 19, 2014
Shown here, a body art trifecta: painted nails, tattooed torso, pierced navel.
Shown here, a body art trifecta: painted nails, tattooed torso, pierced navel. | Source

Maintaining an ever-open and curious eye towards Body Art

BoingBoing has their fingers on the pulse of many modern currents, including body modification. With connections direct to the extreme cutting edge, they link to where bodies are explored, modified, digitally photographed and uploaded.

Your rights to do these things to your own body is debated and defended, along with your right to display the results. Browsing this sort of material is not always recommended before lunch but it can give you that perfect topic to talk about around the water cooler.

Re/Search #12: Modern Primitives
Re/Search #12: Modern Primitives
Here are books that discuss a wide range of body modifications. Re/Search's MODERN PRIMITIVES not only documents many forms of body art, but since its publications in 1989, it's become a sort of handbook for body mods. This book is often credited with helping body art move into the mainstream in modern American culture. Not only do you get a good rundown of nearly all the forms of widely practiced body art, you get a who's who of where these practices came from and why people do these things. This book was the one that introduced me to the photography of Charles Gatewood.

The Inked and the Geeky - dermagraphical graffiti

Literally, geeky tattoos on nerdy people. Or maybe that's nerdy tattoos on geeky people. Or inks on geeks. Or words on nerds. Or something like that...

ModCon: The Secret World Of Extreme Body Modification
ModCon: The Secret World Of Extreme Body Modification
BME founder, the late Shannon Larratt put out MODCON, which really takes off where MODERN PRIMITIVES left off. These aren't just little navel piercings, this is subdermal implants, large scale cutting and branding, and amputations. There isn't much that shocks me about body art, but a few things in this book did... which is probably why I like it so much. If you've ever wanted to explore bodily rights and just what people will do to their bodies, just because they can and they want to, this is your guidebook.

Human Evolution - When body art and science collide, merge or just get it on...

Like something out of a David Cronenberg movie there are always humans who are going to explore the design limits and redesign possibilities of the body.

On the Legal Front

As with all they do, BoingBoing often reports on the legal logistics of body art.


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