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The benefits of having many children in my community

Updated on December 12, 2012

The benefits of having many children in my community

In some communities women having many children is a form of status symbol . Another benefit some communities gain from many children are those who teach kids how to contribute to the family economy even before they start walking properly. However,the disadvantages are legion.


The benefits of having many children in my community

Having many children a form of status symbol in some communities

If your community is like mine where many children is a determinant of status ,then this benefits could also apply to you. I thought this values are no more in existence until i traveled home with my two kids .When i introduced my children to them and announced that we are done with babies, their body languages shouted "only two" even with a tight lip. Another benefit i believe people could get from having many children is those who engage them in child labor. This is prevalent in some communities where children are taught how to make money even before they start walking properly .Apart from this benefits another benefit is that ,am afraid there are no other benefits but disadvantages.

Some of them include

Low quality education

The higher the number of children ,the lowered the quality of education, except for families that are extremely well heeled .It would be difficult to sire many children and afford to send them to exclusive and expensive schools. In most cases , some children donate their education to their siblings by dropping out of school .

Poor health provision

The higher the number of children the easier it is to contract sicknesses. This is because even when the family is well to do ,most times quality food is replaced by quantity. Highly voluminous foods are preferred to highly nutritious food . This is to ensure that the food goes round and last longer. Apart from this,the woman could age faster because of frequent child bearing and rearing.

Increased nuisance factor

The more children a person has,the greater the chances of producing a nuisance in the society. With many children ,it would be difficult to monitor the children and give all of them close marking .As if this was enough, planning for their future becomes more difficult .

For those who are already convinced ,before you tighten your chastity belt and start denying your spouse their hard earned conjugal rights .There is something called family planning .It is easily available at most clinics and hospitals and offers the best contraceptive methods .For those who are constrained because of one reason or the other, there are books and DVD that explains all the basic family planning methods and one has a choice to select the one that suits them.

The benefits of having fewer children are legion and some them include attaining the best education and living a healthier life style. This is because the kids would eat quality food and not quantity. Moreover ,it is easier to monitor the kids personally so as to identify and curtail any antisocial behaviors in time .Above all there are greater chances of the children dressing nicely because the shopping list would be shorter.


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