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big brother con man’s dystopian US.

Updated on January 21, 2019
Bob  Paul Connors profile image

Ex-social worker, progressive and writer. I've been following politics since "Tricky Dick" announced his secret plan to end the Vietnam War.

big brother con man’s dystopian US.

big brother con man’s dystopian US.

big brother con man’s economic policies, continual fear mongering and brainwashing of his base has resulted in a dystopian US.

big brother con man’s Ministry of Truth is insidious as it is brainwashing his low-information base. That isn’t a value that the world’s greatest democracy espouses, but that of an autocracy.

Dotard trump ruining our country.

big brother con man’s dystopian US.

In Oceania big brother wanted to impose economic deprivation on his citizens by investing resources into the military. Machines have the ability to raise the standard of living and get rid of human boredom and inequality. However, this does not suit the purpose of big brother. If people are hungry and deprived, they are more dependent upon big brother. big brother wanted his citizens to think he was protecting them from endless invasions of foreigners, and war was used to increase people's loyalty towards the party, amplified with a formal Hate Week.

Doesn’t that sound like what big brother con man is imposing on us now? The GOP has long seen the value of inciting fear, by warmongering among our populace. Remember Reagan’s Evil Empire and W’s global war against terrorism? Our low-information masses have been susceptible to this propaganda for generations, but in the 2018 mid-term elections they voted against the GOP because they knew that there weren’t terrorists and criminals in the caravan.

With his tariffs, trade wars and shutdown he is hurting our economy. big brother con man’s shutdown is not just hurting the particular 800,000 federal employees, and the associated contractors, but also all of the businesses associated with them. Economists state that the GDP is being reduced by .1% weekly and state the government shutdown could cause a disaster for the US economy if Trump follows through on his threat to continue the fight for 'months'.

What are the threats of caravans and his obsession with the wall other than big brother con man inducing fear of endless invasions of foreigners? FOX News coverage vilifying the criminals and terrorists in the caravan is reminiscent of Hate Week.

Some advisors showed the dotard big brother con man a comic book version of ‘1984’ and that is what he’s following to cause the dystopian US he’s imposing on us.

big brother con man’s Ministry of Truth.

big brother con man’s Ministry of Truth.

We can’t believe a word from big brother con man’s propagandists. Are we leaving Syria immediately? Are we allies with Russia? Is it Eastasia or Eurasia that we are fighting?

Only big brother con man’s supporters are malleable enough to believe that trump said we weren’t leaving Syria immediately.

There are many benefits that trump has given to Putin, but as to the FBI investigation that the con man is a Russian asset, what greater verification is there other than the shutdown and trump saying we would leave NATO? With these two movements that trump is considering he would destroy our country as well as our relationships with our most reliable allies, which redounds to Putin’s benefit.

Why was the FBI concerned? Comey’s firing was obviously the tipping point. Investigators reportedly shed their previous reservations about the inquiry after Trump’s televised admission to NBC News’s Lester Holt that the Russia investigation was on his mind when he did it. Another red flag was Trump’s attempts to include a reference to the Russia investigation in Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein’s letter justifying the firing. The other obvious one here is the British former intelligence officer Christopher Steele’s dossier. Also, the con man, and the GOP could have kept the Russian sanctions in place, but didn’t. The FBI didn’t know the extraordinary lengths that the con man used to conceal Russian meetings. We haven’t received any answers regarding this other than Ministry of Truth propaganda.

The Russian sanctions are pivotal, as that is what Putin wanted from trump to have the Russians interfere with the 2016 election. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, trump campaign's national finance chairman in 2016, delivered a classified briefing to U.S. House lawmakers on his recent decision to lift sanctions on companies linked to a Russian oligarch, Deripaska, who is a Putin ally, but as with many other GOP operatives he evaded answering questions.

The con man’s propagandists are also lying about Cohen. The con man engaged in witness intimidation also by threatening Michael Cohen’s father-in-law, which resulted in Cohen stating that the con man instructed him to lie to Congress about trump's Moscow Tower. The con man--the chief rat, should know that the rats will turn on him! Cohen has agreed to testify before the House Oversight Committee next month and give “a full and credible account” of his work for trump.

Rudy Guiliani —head of the Ministry of Truth.

The con man has a wide array of propagandists, but none are more adept than Guiliani. Giuliani contradicted 18 months of 'no collusion' talk from big brother con man. Guiliani said trump Tower Moscow talks may have lasted ‘as far as’ October or November 2016, thus admitting that trump talked with Cohen about a deal with a foreign adversary, Russia—which was by then being accused of interfering in the 2016 election. Isn’t this definition of ‘quid pro quo’ which is conspiracy to ruin the election? Giuliani said he is “100 percent certain” that Trump never asked Cohen to lie to Congress. But with his next breath, Giuliani allowed that some discussions may have happened after all. "If [Trump] had any discussions with [Cohen], they'd be about the version of the events that Michael Cohen gave them, which they all believed was true," he said. Then Guliani admitted he wasn’t trump’s lawyer then so how could he know?

One thing is 100 percent certain--Giuliani will be on FOX retracting and distorting everything again. All that matters is what trump wrote in his written answers to Mueller. They think they can control reality by continually brainwashing their base. Giuliani is only a propagandist.

Shutdown emblematic of big brother con man’s dystopian US.

big brother con man’s dystopian US.

How can you even pretend to being the President of the USA if you intentionally shutdown the government? How can you serve the people without the government you administer? People who love trump are suffering from the shutdown due to big brother con man’s vanity project—the wall, which they see as being a scam that trump views as helping him politically.

In ‘1984’ O’Brien convinces Winston Smith that the rats would get him. One day Mueller is going to tell big brother con man that the rats squealed on him. Those who are cooperating with Mueller include Cohen, Papadopoulos, Flynn, Bannon, Gates, Nader, Jeffrey Yohai, Paul Manafort's former son-in-law and Weisselberg. In big brother con man’s vernacular, they are all rats, and each can incriminate the head rat.

big brother con man is causing a dystopian US, as he thinks it benefits him politically. With today’s political climate the rats are emboldened to turn on the head rat-- big brother con man.


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