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changes in democracy

Updated on August 11, 2014

May 2010 a sea change in British Politics as there is no party with overall control so a mish mash of policies is drawn up over a 15 day period by a conservative libdem coalition and presented as a genuine course of recovery for the UK.

Since that time everything has been laid at the door of the previous Labour government no matter what the problem; how much the outrage over changes to any aspect of government "we are clearing up the mess left behind by the last administration".

It has of course taken a while for the fog to clear but now that there is less than a year to go until the next election the lies are finally being exposed in the main stream media.

Some of the Biggest lies of course where exposed as soon as they happened, "No top down re-organisation of the #NHS" was soon proven wrong with the biggest costliest interference of any government in 60 years. "No raising of VAT" I believe that one lasted less than 3 months whilst Nick Clegg and his notorious traitors where exposed over student tuition fees having all signed a pledge not to increase them they duly voted to increase them by 200%.

Of course for a politician this is no big deal as lying through their teeth is a pre requisite to being named as a candidate in the first place But there are many now in the electorate whose eyes have finally been opened.

This apathy/arrogance of politicians their open desire to promise all and yet deliver nothing for the electorate has led to the demise of democracy far faster than any before them.

Perhaps it is the rise of social media which is highlighting them, for in today's society there is no hiding place as every word deed and sometimes thought is available to be scrutinised by all and sundry regardless of political leaning or education. It is a simple thing nowadays as I have demonstrated to copy paste and alter images and have them broadcast without reply to millions.

Last century it was up to the integrity of the media as to what information you were presented with and many followed politics only in the 3 weeks run up to the election watching party political broadcasts as they happened. They would then talk amongst their friends and family before deciding who would get their precious vote dependent on their own personal feelings and circumstances. Of course there was only ever 2 choices at most (3 if you wanted to have a protest vote).

These days however a great deal of voters realise there is no choice left all political parties appear to have been taken over by the political elite university educated straight into a political intern-ship followed by more political work as advisor to sir up my own arse Henry/Henrietta before blagging their way into a safe seat for their chosen party. Here is another example of such a man>>

They all have one thing in common which is their belief that they were born to rule they have a cock sure arrogance which coupled with their ignorance of how any normal person has to work and struggle to make ends meet alienates every sane and sensible person.
There is no choice any more.

The future of democracy will in my opinion reside in the open unrest depicted within social media the increased awareness of the electorate as to what is going n not only in our own country but world wide. How the western powers are trying to manipulate overseas wars to distract from internal affairs. The destabilisation of the middle east regardless of cost in human terms such as Libya/Egypt/Syria/Iraq indeed more recently Ukraine while they try to re-ignite the cold war. Their purpose is of course to try and instil fear into the electorate by providing a threat to national security to justify the expenditure on arms and munitions such as Trident whilst cutting back on financial security for the weakest and most vulnerable of their own citizens.


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