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China, The World’s Bully, Briber And Impressive Empire

Updated on April 12, 2016

Throughout history there have been empires and expansionists, oppressors and conquerors. Yet I don’t think there has ever been one as aggressive, or impressive, as China’s empire which exists today.

You may call me a hypocrite, seeing as I’m English and our history is drowned in blood, conquering and colonialism (amongst other things.)
But it’s impressive because we live in the information age, where news and events are easily obtained. So how does China constantly get away with whatever they wish?

First of all I may be a little biased, as I currently live in a Chinese gray area, the island/country of Taiwan. In short, Taiwan was China before 1949. Mao and his communist army overthrew the government of China, which then fled to Taiwan. The new communist government in mainland China declared themselves PR China whilst Taiwan said they were ROC China.

The rest of the world said that the ROC China (Taiwan) was the real China until PR China had lots of money and resources, so the countries of the world stabbed ROC China in the back. Even today PR China states that ROC China (Taiwan) belongs to them and they shall reunite, even though they were technically never united, and so both agree to the 'One China' policy which makes the waters muddy and unclear. Taiwan (ROC China) is a separate country but is literally being bullied by China. Any world or sporting events sees Taiwan as Chinese Taipei. Any applications made to world governing bodies, like the UN, is rejected because PR China vetoes it and yesterday Taiwan had over 30 people abducted from a Kenyan jail by China, despite court orders declaring the Taiwanese could remain in Kenya and the fact that they’re not PR Chinese, they’re ROC Chinese. What does PR China say to these claims? Well, ROC China and PR China are the same so it doesn’t matter apparently. WHAT!? Of course it matters, they’re different countries! They have literally gone into a country and kidnapped over 30 Taiwanese nationals!

How China and the world doesn’t see Taiwan as a country is beyond me. They have different money, governments, geographical locations, personalities, military, economy, leaders, passports, political parties and many more. What more does it need?

PR China kicked ROC China out of there home, so ROC China created a new home. Now PR China wants to confiscate that home too, and will use military force if necessary whilst the other world super powers sit back and watch a democratic, peaceful and growing country become absorbed by China.

Isn’t it funny how democracy is defended and installed when it suits the freedom fighting countries of the world, but not when it’s necessary?

I just don’t see why China can’t allow Taiwan to be a country.

And it’s not just Taiwan that China bullies, it’s basically any Southeast Asian country. Have a look at the lines that China drew for the South China Sea. They have literally declared it all for themselves, even the sea directly outside other countries.

They’re also reclaiming land on waters that do not officially belong to them whilst putting military equipment on those islands. All whilst issuing radio broadcasts to any air or sea vessels telling them to leave ‘their’ area.

But something that has perhaps gone unnoticed is China’s ‘bribery’, particularly in Africa. China is building, exporting and trading billions with many Africa countries each year and the numbers keep on growing. China has pledged $60 billion towards African development as well as giving Kenya hundreds of millions of pounds in economic aid. Isn’t it coincidental that Kenya receives Chinese money and then hands over Taiwanese citizens to China?

My point isn’t particularly to be anti-Chinese or a fearmonger. If they want to buy alliances and exploit other markets and expand then fine, countries could always turn down money, but never will despite the impact to their economy. What I take issue with is not only their territorial bullying but the fact that countries which self proclaim to be democracy defenders and protectors of the innocent, such as the US and UK, don’t say or do anything. They allow China to go unchecked and it’s most likely due to their monitory dominance, particularly in relation to gold, as well as their expansive resources and military power.

I guess I just wish China would act like the bigger man and just leave countries be, without pressuring smaller countries with their power and crossing the line of being a dominant country into becoming a country that dominates.

China isn’t going to fall because it allowed Taiwan to officially become a world recognized country. If anything the world’s opinion of China would rise significantly as they would have been less aggressive and mature, because let’s face it China isn’t seen as the world’s friendliest and open country.

Come on China, aren’t you already geographically big enough? What do you need a small island off the coast for? Or an entire sea?

Didn’t your mother teach you to share? Well, your mother would be Taiwan in theory, but let’s not get back into that rabbit hole.

Switch to PRC recognition: 1949/1950s (dark red), 1960s (red), 1970s (orange), 1980s (beige) and 1990s/2000s (decade) (yellow). Countries not recognized by or not recognizing the PRC are in grey. The PRC itself is in black.


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