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climate change its your call !

Updated on April 10, 2011

Carbon Trading Scheme voted down...

Yesterday in the Australian Senate the opposition along with the minor parties voted down the introduction of a carbon emissions trading scheme (ETS).

They voted the ETS legislation down for a number of reasons

· political posturing

· climate change denial

· selfishness

· lobbying by major polluting industries


· Clean energy is an opportunity whose time has come. Our wind and solar resources are abundant, and new jobs from investments in clean energy sources could save our economy and strengthen our future.

The latest polling data shows that a large majority of Australian & Americans support action on clean energy.* But instead of taking immediate action to capitalize on the promise of clean energy, Washington just argues and argues and argues.

It is up to you voters to realise which I think you already do that climate change is with us. You can see that by the increase in bush fires and flood each year. The increase in the number of catastrophic events like hurricane Katrina, as well as the recent flooding in the Philippines and Tsunami in Samoa.

Australian like Americans needs to take action now to save the Planet. You can do it by petitioning you Senators and Congressmen further. Please write or telephone you representatives now asking them to make a commitment to climate change legislation.


Canberra Australia yesterday...

ON THE eve of the Opposition and cross-benchers voting down the Government's emissions trading scheme today, several leading Liberals have attended a briefing from prominent climate change sceptic Professor Bob Carter.

Senate Liberal leader Nick Minchin and his deputy, Eric Abetz, and former Opposition leader Brendan Nelson were among 13 parliamentarians - all Coalition members except for Family First Senator Steve Fielding - who went to the session arranged by Senator Fielding.

The Opposition, Senator Fielding, independent Nick Xenophon and the Greens are set to defeat the legislation, which the Government is expected to bring back in November.

If it is knocked out again, it would qualify as a double-dissolution trigger. But Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull is keen to avoid a second defeat.

As senators debated the legislation yesterday, the Opposition used its newly commissioned modelling from Frontier Economics to again press the Government on why it would not make changes.

But there is confusion in Opposition ranks about the status of its alternative. Mr Turnbull said it was not Opposition policy, but amendments to be put to the Government would be developed on the basis of the model.


THE world has four months until the Copenhagen summit to come up with what Kevin Rudd calls the "detailed programmatic specificity" of a new convention on climate change.

The German interpreters are still putting their heads together about how to translate that one, after our Prime Minister said exactly what was on his mind last month while standing alongside Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. But at this stage it does not look as though the world is up to the challenge, not if what Rudd meant was a comprehensive binding agreement to cut greenhouse gases. He said as much himself a few days later when his private (and much more lucid) comments to Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen were captured by a media microphone. "Right now I don't think we are on track to get an agreement at Copenhagen," said Rudd. "There are too many problems."


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    • hello dave profile image

      hello dave 7 years ago

      Interesting hub, Good work

    • bingskee profile image

      bingskee 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      how sad that the powerful deny the emergence of climate change. little by little the earth destructs..