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cultural practice that has outlived it's usefulness

Updated on October 9, 2012

Cultural pracices that has outlived it's usefulness

Culture is dynamic and changes according to the needs of the time .However, there are some cultural practices that has become stagnant over the years and has resulted into a lot of problem .One of such cultures is the practice of burying people inside compounds instead of in cemeteries.



cultural practice that has outlived it's usefulness

Culture is dynamic and it is the way of life of a group. What this means is that almost all groups have cultural practices which make them unique.However, dynamism of culture means that it is not stable but changes from time time according to needs of the society .Be it as it might ,there are traditional practices in some places that has outlived their usefulness and should be reviewed .Among the legion of cultural practices that are worth modernizing ,the worst is the act of burying a dead family member inside the compound.

In the olden days this act was the norm because some people believe either rightly or wrongly that the dead relatives are the best security outfit and offers a form of protection. This has resulted into lots of problems which many proponents of this cultural practice doesn't seem to notice . Some of the problems include.

Cemetery in the home

Most homes in this communities looks like a mini burial-ground unless it is a new family with few deaths .Apart from that ,the unsightly view of this graves is an eyesore in some communities. This not only reduce the aesthetic value of the environment ,it scares children at night ,especially the ones not used to the situation.

Ground water contamination

As if the unsightly view is not enough, the worst aspect of this cultural practice is the contamination of the groundwater by the products of the decomposed corpse. This wouldn't have been much problem if bore holes are not constructed just a few centimeters away from the graves. Some of this community members depend solely on this contaminated water for their needs and doesn't seem to notice the dangers this water portend.

Using up the land

The way this people are buried without any form of plan in some communities has takes up viable lands that could be used for gardening . This has also contributed in food shortages especially in areas were farming is mainly on a subsistence level.

The remedies to this situation are not hard to find,all it requires is the desire to change the status quo and do things the right way.The communities involved should rise to the occasion and realize the expiration of this culture. In situations where there are no government cemeteries ,families could identify land in the outskirts and convert it into family burial ground. Alternatively government of this communities should sensitize people and develop a cemetery as it is done in other climes. Considering the way people are dieing left right and center ,other burial methods should be explored by those whose mind is open enough to accept change.

This is why community leaders, aspiring leaders, and those who are disgusted about the statuesque should read about cemetery and burial methods in-order to acquaint themselves with best practices.


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Do you have an expired culture in your community - what is your take on this cultural practice

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