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I Hope You Get Your Fill of Change

Updated on June 30, 2009

Well I have had my fill of change and I hope you that voted for the president will soon get the bog picture. I fill we are in the danger zone and Obama could care less.

I have a brand limited vocabulary now and its heard everytime I go out the door. It sounds alot  like this: bankruptcy, democrats, foreclosures, reposessions, store closings, lost jobs, lost incomes, lower income, auction sites, we have to cut spending, government spending is out of hand, higher electric bills, higher water bills, higher taxes, government owned, these guys used stimulus money to pay bonuses, appologies forn the US, bowed down to hypocracy, etc., etc., etc.

This is not the America I grew up in and my dad and grandfather fought for. How about you? I just feel our president, Pelosi and the rest of their scalawags are going about this all wrong. You don't take a country already on their knees already and make them beg. Thats what he is doing by throwing tax bills around like a shag ball.

Its not the time to worry about Global Warming that does not exist and gay libber's that want to put a wrench in society and ruin our children. Its not the time to bow down to dictators and take sides with them. It not the time to fly back and forth to work at the rate of $600,000.00 per week (Pelosi) in taxpayer money. It's just not the time to undue America. It's time to rebuild her. Get rid of illegal aliens, gang members, pedophiles that live in your neighborhoods, gays that want to disrupt society and clean up what goes over the television, build better school systems that actually teach the kids something. Get back on track with the economy. Don't burden and already bankrupt auto manufacture with emission controls before they even get started building again.  This picture need attention and not that kind of attention.

Somebody say a prayer or whatever you do!

If you need help and are in trouble with some of these backlashes maybe I can help. Check out thew website at and I hope things get better before they get worse.

Like I said in a previous blog...I'm not giving up. I hope this helps open some eyes and minds.


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