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David Sanchez Morales

Updated on January 25, 2015

Known as "El Indio", David Sanchez Morales was at the heart of the JFK and RFK assassinations

During a drinking session, not long before his death, David Sanchez Morales bragged to his friend Ruben "Rocky" Carbajal about taking care of the Kennedy brothers.

It has been theorized that he was the co-ordinator of the assassination teams in the JFK assassination.

If you don't know about this CIA assassin's long career, you've got some intriguing research to do.

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JFK And The Unspeakable

I've read a hundred books about the JFK presidency, his assassination, research into that event and related people. In my experience, this is the best book to date covering all of these topics.

David Sanchez Morales

David Sanchez Morales
David Sanchez Morales

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