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One Bite is Dangerous

Updated on October 11, 2017

Turn stone to bread

The devil told Jesus Christ to commit sucide by throwing himself down from the pinnacle of the temple. Satan also commanded HIM to turn stone to bread. However, Jesus Christ overcame the temptation that was aimed at HIS natural, legitimate desire and flesh.

The conclusion from the temptation Jesus Christ faced points to the fact that every temptation to sin is an offer to turn stone( that which is not permitted by GOD'S word) to bread (GOD'S will).

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Downward flight

By the way, how is your spiritual diet? If you have a lot of stones then beware, because you just might be heavy enough now to take a compulsory downward flight.

Jesus Christ's second temptation was aimed at HIS mind and self esteem. He was offered a very cheap but unaffordable downward flight ticket, all HE needed to pay was HIS son-ship status, and HE could go down in first class. Satan asked Jesus

Christ to throw himself down if HE was the son of GOD.

In the natural, this temptation looks ridiculously simple to overcome. I mean why would anybody in his right sense throw himself down from the top of a tall building? Sheer common sense should advise him otherwise, Son of GOD or not, eh?

Every day, we are faced with the temptation to throw ourselves down from where GOD has placed us that is to deliberately sin against GOD because we know that if we confess our sins. HE is faithful and just to forgive is. We have the tendency to misuse the blood of Jesus Christ because of its availability.

Sometimes we fall into sin in order to compel GOD to deliver us. Some of the ways we do this are:

Deciding to commit fornication/adultery because you have prayed for a spouse and GOD has not answered; or your spouse is not regularly available to you. Hence, you feel if HE wants you to stop, HE should look into the situation faster. Meanwhile, you plead the blood of Jesus Christ after every act and genuinely believe HE understands. The truth of the matter is, you are gradually going down. For instance, stealing resource kept in your care because GOD has refused to meet your pressing needs. You plead the blood of Jesus Christ and never make any plan or attempt to return the money or goods. GOD should understand you think, but you are going down.

By cheating during exams because you have a repeated it so many times. In fact you are sure even GOD Himself should be tired on your behalf, and willing to turn HIS face away as you throw yourself down ''briefly'' from where He has placed you. Beloved HE is watching us in pain.

These are wicked thoughts and they come in so many other subtle ways. In fact the downward flight can be so gradual and soothing that you and I may not notice it. Like Jesus Christ, we need to be sensitive to the enemy’s wiles and answer him with a powerful, ''it is written...'' Even in this temptation, the word put Him over.

It was only a bite that destroyed Adam and Eve's relationship with GOD and made them to go on a downward flight. Eve did not go back for the second time before the consequences came. No grain of sand is too small in the mechanism of a watch. In other words, no sin is too small. The truth of the matter is 'one bite is dangerous.'

Satan will always tell us to give it a try, just a little lie, just a little fornication, just a little bribe etc. After all, the blood of JESUS CHRIST is available to cleanse us.

One bite has brought us into what we will ever regret. One bite has bitten a lot of people with unanswered questions. It has given a lot of people unwanted pregnancies, AIDS and other chronic diseases. It has landed a lot of guys in prison.

''Oh! Just one bite! Had I known, I wouldn't have tried it,'' is always the cry of a victim of the One bite syndrome.

What have you bitten? Lovely brother and sister, what have you been munching? What are you considering? It may look nourishing but its consequences are toxic and deadly. It may entertain you, and amuse you, but you can't change its nature, neither will its consequences be averted.

The devil may tell us to tell a lie, but know it that you need another spare tyre to replace the first one and so on. In addition, the consequences of one bite may not surface in a week, a month, a year, or even in the next generation, the truth remains that, it may be delayed until we stand before GOD at the judgment seat.

Temptation is inevitable. If you're human, the devil will chase you every day with diverse desires and evil in other to destroy you. He doesn't relent so you should follow HIS example. Your resistance to fall into temptation will wear out the devil.

The key is to flee from the temptation when you see it instead of hanging around it.

On a final note, the consequences of one bite steals our joy, removes our confidence, brings guilt, gives satan the upper hand, quenches GOD'S spirit, brings physical damage, breaks GOD'S heart, opens the door to other sins, produces fear and lastly it enslaves us.

Every day, we are faced with the temptation to go on a downward flight!

"Many are unhappy because they are unholy. Purity of heart, innocence of mind, only can be blessed of God. When sin is cherished, it can in the end produce nothing but unhappiness; and the sin which leads to the most unhappy results is pride of heart, the lack of Christlike sympathy and love."—

— Testmonies, Vol. 6, p. 53.1
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