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Why the U.S. Economy will get worse if Barack Obama becomes the President

Updated on June 25, 2008

Barack Obama places his hands on the wrong place during the singing of the National Anthem

President George W. Bush has been made the Scapegoat of the Bad Economy.

In this year's presidential campaign the number one issue is the economy. The Democrats are telling the American people that the bad economy is caused by the Bush Administration. At this time the incumbent president George W. Bush has one the lowest approval rating of any president in modern times. The main reason for his unpopularity is because of two factors - the War in Iraq and the bad economy. In actuality both are not his fault, but in an election year the opposition party makes him the scapegoat. This is politics.

President Bush is trying very hard right now to salvage his reputation, and he wants to go out of office on a high note. You can see him making every effort to minimize the death casualties of Americans in Iraq. The surge has succeeded. The U.S. Treasury has sent out checks to American families in the name of Tax Relief. Our neighbor used the money to build a new fence. All of us can use some extra cash to make life better. Although gasoline price has gone to over $4.00 a gallon, and food prices have gone up only a little bit higher, but we can still survive. Thanks to President Bush's effort to go out of office in a better economic environment.

A Barack Obama presidency will cause Inflation and Increase in Constructoin Costs

If Barack Obama takes office as the president in January 2009 you can expect construction costs will increase. Here are the simple reasons and logic why it will happen.

  • 1. Obama is very popular amongst American voters because of his stand against the War in Iraq. His campaign has twisted John McCain's remark of a 100 years American troop occupation into a 100 years war in Iraq. Obama has promised to pull American troops out of Iraq in his first year of office as the president. Iran will step into Iraq as soon as American troops are pulled out. Iran wants to annihilate Israel and have a free passage into that country by going through Iraq. According to the latest news Israel is preparing for war with Iran. There will be more unrest in the Middle East which will inevitably result in higher petroleum prices after Obama takes office.

A lot of building materials are manufactured from petroleum. Asphalt roof shingles, plastic goods, etc. are petroleum by-products. Higher oil prices will result in higher transportation costs for materials. This will affect the housing and home building industry adversely. It is already bad now. It will get even worse when Obama becomes the president.

  • 2. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have blamed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) for the loss of jobs by U.S. workers. Obama wants to bring back the jobs to Americans. Whilst this will help some workers here it will also mean higher costs of manufactured products in the future.

NAFTA has been helping the construction industry in U.S. by allowing low income Mexican laborers to receive special permits to work in this country. Who knows what Obama might do when he renegotiates the agreements with NAFTA to let higher income American laborers back to the work force that will result in higher construction costs.

Up until now, the Bush Administration has not strictly enforced the immigration laws on undocumented workers in the U.S. because of the provision of cheap labor especially in the construction industry. In Texas undocumented laborers work in construction such as concrete work, bricklaying, roofing, etc. The Texas government keeps one eye shut.

Barack Obama is the most liberal senator in 2007

According to National Journal's 27th annual vote ratings Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was the most liberal senator in 2007.

Barack Obama speaks of change. He gives vague comments about being a different kind of politician. These past months have proven him to be just like most other politicians, getting down in the mud and slinging it at everyone around him, taking money from corporations he claims he doesn't, taking cash (over $170 million) from lawyers working in lobbying firms (you thought he honestly didn't take money from lobbyists?)

Barack Obama's association with a radical and racist church, and shady characters shows his Liberal Position


Barack Obama is as liberal as they come. Which is why he feels comfortable in a racist church under the spirtual guidance of a racist who hates America (under this guidance for 20 years)'s why he feels comfortable hosting political fundraisers at the home of a terrorist couple in Chicago. It's why he feels comfortable buddying up to shady characters like Tony Rezko. It's why his wife says she's never been truly proud of her country until her husband ran for president, or that America is downright "mean" as a nation.

Barack is far out of the mainstream, but most of his supporters either don't realize that, or they're so taken by his messiah-like personality that they don't have time enough to even learn anything about the man and his views, or how he'd attempt to change the very basic foundations of this great nation.

Economists predict a Stock Market Crash if Obama is elected as the President

American economists do not paint a rosy picture of the economy in the coming year 2009 if Barack Obama is to become the most liberal president of the United States. For starters Obama is a rookie in the U.S. Senate for only 18 months and he has little or no experience with economics. Let us look at some of his economic policies.

  • 1. Obama plans to return to the failed policies of high taxation coupled with an expansion of government spending. That is the way he will fund his programs.
  • 2. Worse, Obama says he is absolutely committed to almost doubling the capital gains rate - something he will easily accomplish with a Democrat Congress. In the coming months - when investors realize that Obama will raise the cap gains rate - there could be a stampede of asset sales as investors rush to take their profits now to avoid Obama's doubling of the tax rates next year.
  • 3. Not only would Obama increase the capital-gains tax rate from 15 percent to as much as 28 percent, he wants to allow the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010, which effectively raises taxes on Americans by tens of billions of dollars.

These are only some of the reasons why many economists are predicting a possible Stock Market crash on November 5, 2008, the day after Election Day, if Barack Obama is elected President of the United States.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      and today where are we?better off because of BHO. I think not

    • profile image


      8 years ago from 352 florida

      well its not Bush's fault anymore ...and the debt has been decreasing ever since he came into office.When he meant change I don't think people were thinking in there terms that he said .He has had a year in office and almost everything he has done has been a complete lie .

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      WE have to give Obama a chance When he says change of course its not going to happen overnight!When he came in to office the article reads that it was bush fault of the economy going bad.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I don't like obama either and what he is doing, but things would not have been any better if MCcain was president. We would still be in the same situation that we are in right now.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Good article, I did not vote for Obama. I had a bad gut feeling before Obama was even elected. He is to unexperience. I just had a gut feeling something was not right. Good research, very informative. I look forward reading more of your hubs.

    • profile image

      Richard Romanek 

      9 years ago

      I am now a Nazi.

    • profile image

      elizabeth H white 

      9 years ago

      In an economy like obama is creating, where all the money is going to the government which doesn't create jobs at all, many of the idiots who voted for him will be the ones who suffer the most. The investor class who knows how capitialism works, will do ok. Those who get all of their money from jobs and none from investments will reap the consequences of his policies. I guess there will be justice after all. This economy will be worse than the one Jimmy Carter gave us. Taxing and regulating small businesses will destroy small business jobs and soon the Chinese will stop buying our debt. I hope the green movement fails and the

      health care plan goes down also. There aren't many people who have good health care now who want to give it up so people who do not have it get it. That kind of thinking makes no sense. Anytime everybody has anything, everybody gets less. It is illogical. Health care is not, nor never has been a right in this country. Furthermore anyone who knows anything about the fiscal fiascos of Medicare and Medicaid knows the government cannot run anything and that it ruins everything it gets involved in. It is about survival of the fittest and businesses beat government everytime. Please don't insult the American people. Go home Congress for recess and listen to the angry Americans who want to throw all of you out. God bless the blue dog democrats. We are keeping track of your names and if you vote for the foolish health care plan the felons in congress are promoting we will throw you all out in the 1010 elections.

    • profile image

      Katie Kalpin 

      10 years ago

      Typical Dumburats. They have to blame other!!! You did a great artical. I'm deathly afraid of Obama. After we get attacked AGAIN when he gets in MAYBE then those worthless dumburats will see the light!!!!! Thank you for showing the truth. It wont help though these loud mouth do for me cause I can't do for my self dumburats will vote this year!!! :( But hey at least we can be happpy with the fact that in 4 years we will have a republican back in office!!!!! YEAAAAAAA

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Fact is and this was even confirmed by Clinton insider and Democratic Strategist Morris who helped Bill Clinton get elected confirmed on one of the Cable News stations that Bush's Tax Cut and Capital Gain cuts actually increased revenues (taxes collected) because keeping good jobs in the country means providing the least amount of obstacles for corporations to make money. Why did the government collect more taxes? Because corporations where no stifled by high taxes and could spend more money on R&D which creates new technologys and therefore create more job's people who pay taxes. Its really that simple. The goverment does not know how to create jobs. What jobs can they create ?- Elect Obama and the only jobs that will be created will be government jobs who will have to manage all the social programs he plans to create. This is not an economic plan but a recipe for failure and will stifle economic growth. How many years if Obama does get elected will he keep blaming Bush. I tryed to be open minded and spent lots of time on the Obama website before I decided who I was going to vote for. The only thing I gleamed was the plan was geared toward getting votes from people who hear what they want to hear and don't examine facts which is the only thing that matters. OBAMA I don't want your tax cut - I want job security and the chance to advance if I work hard. And by chance someday if I make your hitless don't punish me for being successful.

      People.... don't blame the corporations because they make money because without them a lot of you reading this would not have jobs. That's just the way it is in a free enterprize economy. Why would we want to Punish 2% of the people who pay over 40% of the taxes already and are responsible for you and I for having jobs. Ok the ecomony is not doing that well right.. try surviving in this economy without a job. What's going to happen when Obama raises small business and corporation taxes...More jobs will have to be shipped to countrys who would be more than happy to take our jobs. And raised taxes on small businesses will make it harder for them to grow into bigger business.

      Again not a big Bush fan but to blame him for what has happened over the last couple of Months is crazy. Why isn't the blame distributed to Congress who by the way have even a lower approval rate than Bush of 13%. Who's controlled the congress the last two years. People Please Wake Up before it is TOO LATE!

      Not a big Bush fan myself but again the facts. In 2000-2001 when the Telecom market and other markets took a nose dive. Under Bush's watch 2001-2007 was responsible for the biggest market recovery in some time. Doesn't anyone remember when the DOW was 14,000.Not making this up just do the research like I have. One of the major reasons for the economic downturn which again is fact was Fannie and Freddie providing irresponsible loans to people who couldn't avoid then and Leftist groups pressuring Banks to underwrite loans to people who can't afford them. Why is all the blame Bush's when Barney Frank and his liberal buddy Chris Dodd did nothing. They had the power and did nothing.It has been documented that John McCain warned about this on the Senate Floor Another Fact do the research. All these records are public.

      On the WAR ALL BUSHES FAULT...BUT MANNY DEMOCRATS WHO ALSO SAW THE same intellegence voted YES. Now ....forget Politics....The damage is done.. Lets leave IRAQ as winners and give our troops HONOR.. Anybody remember Vietnam.

      I'm not even a John McCain fan but I'm voting for him cause side by side with Obama...Not even Close...I see polls that say OBAMA better on the Economy...

      WHY?? What has Obama ever done? Any major legislation passed to help the economy??(BTW the answer is NO).Any practical business experience..HMM.. NO.

      WHY is he better ? Social Programs, Increasing Taxes on companys? What kind of economic plan is this? What happens to Companies that are struggling when on top of everything they will now have to pay more money to support OBAMA's programs. I really dont understand. Someone please enlighten me I will listen to good arguements.

      On the WAR? Ok blaming BUSH is not a plan. We can all keep blaming him but that's not going to solve the problem. If we leave too early we leave a Power Vacuum and guess what? IRAN and Al Quida move in and take advantage of a weakened IRAQ abilty to fend for themselves after we decimented there Military not once but twice. Leave abruptly and we will either be back again our we'll have to sit on the sidelines watching another Genocide. You think Isreal's is going wait for IRAN and it's neighbors to run rampade. HMMM... You think you pay a lot for GAS now.....

      Even OBAMA's running mate suggests others will test Senator Obama who has little or no experience...For peats sake who much US senator work has he done before he decided to run for President.

      Anyone who travels realizes when you go thru Airport Security how life in America has changed. What's going to happen to our way of life if we have to go thru another 9-11? Say what you must say about BUSH but he has kept us safe after 9-11.

      I talked to many Obama supporters with an open mind. Not once have I heard anything that made any common sense. A VOTE FOR OBAMA is a vote to be brain-washed by 600 Million Dollars of Donations.Oh wait a minute.. he broke his promise to take Gov Funded Campaign money. Said one thing did another...What a shocker. My VOTE is not for sale.


    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Scare tactics to get us in a senseless war, a botched Katrina response, a tanked economy, lowest approval rating of any president, wonder America is wanting change from "republicants". After King W's reign of horror, one would be crazy to vote for the party of pain. Obama's best credential is probably his short tenure in the senate...too many homesteaders up their already with lobbyists in their back pockets. Term limits please!

    • moonlake profile image


      10 years ago from America

      I enjoyed your hub. I will not be one of those people voting for Obama. Straw vote on AOL 71% McCain .......29% Obama. I kind of think people are changing the minds about Obama.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Wow, I don't even know where to begin on this. First off, the war in Iraq is part of the reason our economy is so bad right now. Funny how overspending billions of dollars on the military works. Somebody has to come up with that money, where do you think it came from? Like he paid for the war himself? We paid for it. That's why the economy is tanking. And to say Bush isn't responsible for the war is just negligent, unless you're referring to secret societies like the Zionists and Skull & Crossbones, which I'm sure you're not.

      As far as building materials, I don't know of that many houses made of plastic, and there are plenty of other options for shingles (like solar, imagine that) besides oil-based shingles. We have a free market, if the price of one commodity goes up, businesses will invest in cheaper commodities. It's not like there's only one way to build a house.

      Obama being liberal, and associating with a supposedly racist church has nothing to do with the economy.

      And economist predictions are nothing more than predictions, they have little or no bearing on reality. It's just a couple of people saying what they think will happen, and their opinions are biased in hopes of swaying voters against Obama right now. It's election time, everyone is saying crazy stuff. You shouldn't believe everything you hear, especially predictons. You wouldn't trust a fortune teller would you?

      Oh and Obama can't just increase tax rates at his discretion. All his decisions have to be pushed through congress. It's not like he's going to make these changes himself, he's going to suggest them to senators and house reps and they will vote on it. I'm pretty sure that's how this whole thing works.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 

      10 years ago from San Francisco

      I couldn't disagree more.

      First, half of Americans don't place their hand over their heart during the national anthem. They are no less patriotic. You put your hand over your heart for the pledge of allegiance; for the national anthem, it's optional.

      Second, the enormous governmental deficit has had far-reaching implications for our exchange rate and *ownership* of our country. That spending spiraled out of control once Bush became president, because he launched the expensive Iraq war and also ramped up spending in plenty of non-defence related sectors...*while* giving out tax cuts to the wealthy.

      However people feel about Obama is really irrelevant. He enjoys support because people are sick of the irresponsible governance of the Republicans, and are looking for change.

    • glassvisage profile image


      10 years ago from Northern California

      These are great points. I am really disturbed by the fact that Obama won't place his hand over his heart during the anthem... there's something strange there...

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      You seem to have done great research for this article. It is well written and rpesneted in a way that anyone who reads it can understand it. It also will open a can of worms. You should prepare yourself for a barrage of comments on this hub. It seems nearly everyone love Obama.

      Keep up the great writing and be sure and keep your shiled handy. I can see the fiery darts already coming toward you.


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