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Election 2016 .Latino, Your vote counts!

Updated on July 8, 2016

And now as the elections approach we the hispanic voters see two very different positions toward us.

While Mitt Romney's position is to not give the millions of illegal aliens any possibility to become legal,and rather to make their life so unbearable that they'll self deport,as he said himself,president Obama's position is to keep working towards some kind of comprehensive immigration reform, and he has given the opportunity for young people brought here by their parents to continue to live here, study and come out of the shadows and have some dignity not having to live like criminals in hiding when they committed no crime.The percentage of the hispanic vote that Mitt Romney is getting at this point is about 30 percent which is less than what he needs to win the election but still too high taking into consideration the anti hispanic and anti immigrant positions he now supports. We the hispanic voters have the moral obligation to go out and vote against this republican party ruled and dominated by the xenophobe and racist elements within the party.We must work hard so that on election day Romney and the republicans don't get that 30 percent republican 60 percent democrat vote but rather at least 80 percent democrat 20 percent republican,because our vote matters,but it's up to us to demonstrate how much!

As the Midterms Come to a Close and the Results Are Clear a New Stage Begins

now the 2012 elections begin unfortunatelly the political climate is such that as soon as one election is over the next one already begins and we are in permanent election mode except to in some degree the independents ( and i mean the real independents not the ones who see the republicans as not extreme right wing enough or the democrats as not socialist enough )who usually wait ,see ,analize and then make up their mind ,but as soon as a democrat was elected president in 2008 it was clear the republican party would focus on making sure nothing Obama would succeed as many republican leaders publicly admited.this midterm election is no exeption and we see both parties positioning themselves for the next one,the democrats in the house with less moderates and blue dogs,the republicans have been already for a while excomunicating anyone who is not only a moderate but an extreme rightie if not by heart at least in his rhetoric, anyone who doesn't pronounce certain frases or repeats certain talking points is immediatelly excoriated by the board of inquisitors on talk radio and his political value this environment from now on it's going to be which party can make the other one look like the bad guy,if the economy remains in recovery mode the democrats will remain in the white house and may win back the house, if the economy deteriorates during the year prior to the election the real tsunami in favor of the republicans that was supposed to happen in the past midterms and didn't materialize may finally arrive.That is if we the people allow it to happen which means if we don't participate,if we don't register and vote ,if we fall into the trap of indifference and apathy because wether we realize it or not in the end our vote matters when they promote the fact that nothing changes wether a republican or democrat wins an election they are trying to convince the other side to not go out and vote while they try to turn out everyone of their voters,


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    • mio cid profile imageAUTHOR

      mio cid 

      8 years ago from Uruguay

      Thanks hamlet for the comment,

    • mio cid profile imageAUTHOR

      mio cid 

      8 years ago from Uruguay


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice post.. I like These songs...I read a post about US Election 2012..They are Talking about OBAMA.. Please see this

    • Dorothe Orr profile image

      Dorothe Orr 

      9 years ago from North Carolina

      All we can do is not be sucked into the "crazy" vortex. Keep right on voting your heart. You made some good points and hopefully if we're lucky and keep at it, enough someone's will snap to.

      Just keep posting the facts:)

    • mio cid profile imageAUTHOR

      mio cid 

      9 years ago from Uruguay

      so now it's no longer enough to be a conservative to stand on principle you have to look and appear and act as a spitefull troll


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