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Food For Thought.

Updated on September 28, 2009

Food for thought

on February 6, 2002.-MFB III  © All rights reserved


At days end on Monday vanquished
I sit so comfortably ensconced
in my plush, scotch-guard recliner
munching chocolate-covered cashews
washed down with a frosty cola
connected only by remote
then suddenly the cameras pan down
to a startling revelation
telivised in living color
humbling all the guilty masses
In a dusty, dirt floored hovel
lies a tiny, bloated baby
sunken eyes, and cheeks like craters
starving in the Afghan desert
its haunting gaze, in years that number
far more grief then my life's tallied
like an ancient shriveled prophet
on its face...etched tales of doom
Who decided I'd be snacking
during early time
on some useless extra calories
mixed with sugared carbonation
all just for the sake of boredom
while this precious little infant
is denied the slightest tidbit
of the nourishment that's needed
to sustain its fragile life
and much earlier this evening
while I stood and scraped my dishes
clean...of quite a healthy portion
of fresh meat, corn and potatoes
my eyes much bigger then my stomach
it's what I would call leftovers
just more fuel to feed the maggots
in a dump full of nutrition
that lies just south of the city
plus in every house around me
plates are scraped, and food goes wasted
times one hundred...times ten thousand
every day a fact of life
While in some far third world country
they stack babies up like dishes
victims of some great starvations
scraped of all their life, leftovers
just more fuel to feed the maggots
in a flesh pile of attrition
that lies just south of the mass grave
that will cradle their frail bodies
Who decides upon the menu's
for the chubby worms, and maggots?
Is it God? or is it humans?
who allows the gluts and famines
to remain each day unbalanced?
sacrificing skinny babies
as we fill up bags called "Hefties"
with excesses that could save
all those who fill an early grave
"bone-appetit!"..."Land of the Feed!"
What's for dessert?...."Home of the Crave."


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    • AdsenseStrategies profile image

      AdsenseStrategies 8 years ago from CONTACT ME at

      I am also extremely concerned about poverty around the world. If you'd like to take a look at some of my hubs on the topic, you are more than welcome...