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The 10 Ethical Views of Politics: Afterlife Judgement on Human Motives and Actions

Updated on April 27, 2010
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

    This article focuses on the ethical ground works of politicians to achieve better public service in the society. The main thesis on this ground work is the humiliating and disturbing factual reality about the good and corrupt politicians in relation to public service. There are no specific indications as to the goodness of actions by the politicians along the spiritual and moral aspects that clearly negate all the actions he/she is doing in the field of politics. All actions in politics are based on motives and interest. There are no specific actions that are done for the goodness of man but only on his interest to survive the battle ground in politics.

These are the ground works of political achievement that a politician must achieve the genuine thought of public service:

1. The temporal view of a mankind that perfect happiness of afterlife reflects from the good things people don’t know about the goodness of your acts to those who are in need.

      The societal life is only for praises and recognition because of your political achievement that lead you to decide the future of a nation. This is totally different when your time comes it is not the praises and recognition you give to the people. It is completely useless to put your credentials once your temporal life expires. What you did may be the opposite of what you want. All of us we have our time, it is a ticking bomb that you need to be aware on what you are doing. If you want to know what could be your afterlife think on those things that people don''t know that you did it with motive or interest. The only problem is you think many things which you believe a heavenly act. If you have given good act to the people think to forget it ,find more time to give them. The sincerity of your gift should not be attached to personal grandeur which always the case in politics.

2. The more good things you know about yourself is not a true reflection of your life this is when people learn to recognize of what you have given on favours and material wealth.

      You may think that you have given enough for others. You have done this to prove your worth as politician. If you think you give it not the goodness of man then it’s good that little credit to go to heaven. You do that entire in your life then you have produce little worth in heaven. If you ask when it is enough to go to heaven then it is impossible for you to go their. You may not like recognition or praise because you thought that’s the best way to have heavenly act. But if you enter in politics that’s the complete package you have. The best way is to keep on proving to give everything you have yet don’t expect that you will get still to a good life.

3. The limelight of power is always vested from your interest to stay in power as you are addicted by the praise and recognition of people around you.

          When you are in politics the limelight of power is always in your hand. The longer you have that power the longer you will be addicted on praise and recognition. You are always the foolish proud person that the bible says. Why? You must tell the whole about your political achievement for the sake of service to mankind. Don’t be very proud of your accomplishment then that is the end of the line in politics and of course the beginning of heavenly life which you must continuously suffer to the end of your life. No man can ever do that except you are a founder of religion.

4. The art of politics is always the art of deception to gain power and authority by which people are deceived by your actions.

       There are people who say that this is a traditional politician or alternative politician because they can differentiate the degree of action that they are doing in giving public service. That’s the result of politics, people are deceived by your actions. There is only one thing that they like that is political power.

5. The rule of the society is simple be good in all your heart and actions.

       The Christian virtue of goodness is always the reflective ethical value in politics. But if you join politics remember that you always break the virtue of goodness in your heart and spirit. Almost 99 percent of soul is already at the limbo of hell. Do not be surprise that this is the rule when you join politics you heart and actions are influence by political rivalry and competition. No politicians would be willing to endorse the rival candidate rather than yourself. If you did that then heavenly miracles will come in. Think of it endorsing your rival candidate? It's impossible for open heart and mind in politics.

6. The best way to destroy your enemy is to destroy yourself because your biggest enemy is yourself when motive and power are corrupted by your actions. 

      If you destroy your enemy you have already destroy your Christian reputation and the purity of your heart. When you think you want to serve the people you have already destroy your Christian virtue. Politics is the art of corrupting the peoples'' heart to regain you motive and interest to stay in power.

7. There are no such things as good politicians only corrupt politicians who cared the welfare or the people in return of their loyalty and love of power.

      You may think that you are a good politician only in your thought, you’re already a corrupt politician. The freshness of your political actions is the sole deceit that people will like you. It is the beginning of caring politicians who loves their people when they have loyalty and love to idolize the way you act in the society. The gaining of power is the result of human action on what people thought was good yet human welfare is the utmost concern why they need to act in this way. When people are deceived by political actions the tendency is to become a corrupt politician.

8. The best way to win the heart of the youth is to care the people and let them know that politics is not the solution to serve the people.

      The learning ground of the youth of today is what they can see on us. It is a continuous cycle and being politically mutated by time and culture. Role modelling is sole factor that induce them to do what they thought are good in the society. The same true in politics they though they have done good yet it is always contrary proven to serve by himself than the people around him. The most notorious politician is being clothed by godly actions and crusaders of cleansing corruption of the government. The heart of the youth is constantly at watch and observing the model of political grounds for his generation will find new surprising act of deceit for the next generation to follow. If you take the heart of the youth you will take then for more generations of deceptions.

9. The people must not be deceived by the contributions of politicians on churches, demonstration and opposition against the government, godly message to the poor they are just the same as what they thought at the other side.

    The human society is always amazed by the tangible political achievement of the leaders in the past. It serves then as inspiration by the future leaders. The political crusades and demonstrations have amassed societal sympathy which they thought for the goodness of mankind. The idea of freedom and liberty can be innovated to secure a civilized society yet we do not know it is the breeding ground of corruption. Even the dogma of the religion has corrupted the souls of good men and women because of deception on interest and motive. Politicians do the same, the practice of Christian virtue is the simplicity of giving all things you have for the poor. There is usually the art of persuading the poor by simply cursing what other is doing for the sake of the poor. Have they done enough to secure the poor?

10. If you hate corrupt politicians then begin hating yourself because someday you will be like them. The best way to be good politician is to think that you are corrupt politician and learn to think that you have to give everything to the poor. You can only find that you succeeded that your good politician when you are already poor.

      Good politician never survives the political maneuvers in a deeply rooted competition for power and influence. If you start crusading that you want to destroy the corrupt politician you will never succeed. The death of a corrupt politician is the beginning of a new corrupt politician which you never thought that you are that one. There is only one Christian virtue that may apply to all which give your wealth to the poor. If you did that in this civilized society you are a living fool like the idiot, the imbecile and the insane. These are the people who would surely go to heaven. Do not expect yourself to be there.

     There is always the rise and fall of political power because of the cycle of corruption that existed from the complex activity on those who are in power. The political motive of good intention to mankind is always impossible to do as social being is complex entity that interest and motive is grounded by this societal endeavor. The perfect art of politics is construed by intervening forces that the good ones cannot control them. Given by the human weakness of the good one would fall apart from idea of power and authority. The power to govern is corrupted by what we do not know but decide of what we never know. The good one decides by what others thought to be good yet deceptive in nature. In the end, the one would never govern what it is expected to govern for the good of humanity.

     We can find perfect politician to work for common good without you using influence and power that it has a multiplier effect that destroys those who are innocent. Those we thought are good politicians have their secret corruptible motive to pursue for the common good. How can we then achieve such goodness to purify the heart of a good prospective politician? Read carefully the ground work to achieve genuine public service. There you can find your own political ground work for good governance.


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