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Etiquiette & Manners

Updated on August 11, 2014
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We need 'It more now than ever.

What are manners and etiquette?

They are guidelines for proper social interaction in your culture's society and others.

Some of them are common sense and others are learned (though being as not eveyone has common sense or some how lose it for certain reasons they do sometimes need to be taught or re-taught)

One thing that peeves me off, is those that have taught you manners as a child, then seem to totally forget about them when they are older! For instance don't yell scross the house to ask someone a question, go to them if you want to ask something.

Table manners

*See how you may help the cook

*wash your hands before seting table & eating

*do not start eating until everyone is served

*do not speak loudly or interrupt while someone else is speaking.

*If you need to release a bodily function (Cough, sneeze, etc) or get something out of your teeth, or blow your nose excuse yourself to use the bathroom

*Do not point out others' bad manners

* Do not reach for platters, ask for someone to please pass it to you

*Pass food from left to right

*use please & thank you & You're welcome

*Do not pick-up & serve food with your hands.

*Keep your elbows off the table (though your for-arm may rest on the table)

*when eating soup do not slurp noodles

*never talk with your mouth full

* when eating foods like, coffee, garlic and others that leave really bad breath try to keep some gum or mints on you

* sit up straight

*both feet ont he floor

*take small bites

*Do not play with your food

*Excuse yourself if you need to leave the table.

*do not say bad things about the food

*when drinking with a straw,do not blow bubbles in to the cup with it (as I fondly remember doing as a child)

*If you have a cell phone NO texting it's rude thought that is alot better than talking on the phone and being a nusainse to all

* If you are a parent and your child is crying, running around or any other form of disturbance take them out of the dining area.

Table Etti 101

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Chopstick DON'TsNapkin FoldingFormal & Informal place settingsProper table settings for mealsFormal table setting
Chopstick DON'Ts
Chopstick DON'Ts
Napkin Folding
Napkin Folding
Formal & Informal place settings
Formal & Informal place settings
Proper table settings for meals
Proper table settings for meals
Formal table setting
Formal table setting

Know your wines

Dining Etiquette 102

Etiquette in short

Mobile (Cell) Phone

*Public Transportation or private Automobiles get off the phone & just text (but leave the alert on silent) also keep the volume low if you do have to take a call we don't want to hear your conversation which means if you have to speak on the phone and you can't pull over, then use a whisper like tone.

*Invites to anything especially if it's just in the next day or 2= CALL and invite the person, do not just leave a messege on facebook or other sites. Not everyone has the time to check every part of their social site (or every) they are on. Some not even email..

*Movie theater TURN IT OFF.. don' even text you are annoying the rest of us by blinding & distracting us. Unless of course you'd like to pay me what I paid for the movie & the rest of us in the theater!

Meeting someone

Be Kind: Smile & make eye contact

Introduce yourself

shake hands (shows some respect)

manners (if you sneeze do it in the crook of your elbow)

Television & 'accessories'

DVRs If you have a DVR that limits how much you can record at a time, that each person in your family cannot record a show each all at the same time.. DO NOT just delete their shows, it's rude & you wouldn't want them to do that to you.

To start, check if your ON demand station offers a free on demand option (Cablevision has that option &) you can get the prime time shows from the major networks as well as most cable stations. If any of your shows is available to watch free, stop your season pass & note this to the rest of your family they are to do the same. The only shows if you have a DVR you should use it for are those on HBO, Encore, Starz & whatever stations you have to pay an extra fee to subscribe to that stations On demand channel (meanwhile to me if you already pay to get Those stations, then you should be able to get them with your sub). If there's a certain show that everyone likes, and have to watch at separate times.. then that is fine to record. (keep in mind, free on demand notes a date they will offer to keep episodes up until. Besides what do you really need to have (& keep) what is it 200 hours of shows on a dvr for? You should be watching those episodes the next day or within the week! and DON'T give me "Ain't nobody got time for that" bit You make the time! Oh & (wish we had DVRs when I was a little as all those night's an actor or musician was on Letterman leno etc. I couldn't watch (& this may have even been before VCRs

Your opinion counts

What area do think people have the worst manners

See results

Nosey Nellies

If someone it poking their nose where it doesn't belong here are some tips & tricks to dealing with them.

Likely if you are of guard the snooper is hoping that by the surprise alone you will respond and say the first thing that comes to mind.

You can use the 'one size fits all response' Why do you ask?

or you can beat them at ther own game...

Use Humor make a joke of the question

If asked "did you lose a bundle whe you sold your house?" respond with "Why are you going to make up the difference?"

If asked if your or a family or friends' children are adopted ..."They do have their own distinct personalities don't they?"

You can also take the Honest approach How much financial aid is your child getting for college? You can respond kindly with I'm not comfortable discussing this or "my mother always told me never to talk about money"

What comes around goes around Give it right back to them... with "Why do you ask?" It works with everything from Why You are going to a doctor to if you color your hair.

Establish Bundaries Don't go there...use Body language (crossing your arms is known to be a sign of being uncomfrotable or closing up) looking them in the eye and say "I don't think that's something I'm going to discuss"

Change the subject this is a passive appraoch but unless one is truely clueless it will give them a clue. This is good for questions like How much did you pay for that? You can just mention that Macy's had a great sale. and going on mention "Can you believe all the new construction going on at the mall?"

Modern Etiquettete

Email Marketing


Fashion Police

Enough said
Enough said

So what do people do that annoy you be it at home, in public, phone etc?

what is MIS-Manner-ing you? - Guest Book

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