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Problems of the Pedestrians in the Philippines

Updated on February 9, 2016

When people talk about road related problems in the Philippines, they talk about traffic, flood, and the defective railway system. These issues have been tackled in the news and social media that people no longer see the problems of those who use the most basic mode of transport, walking.

Everybody walks, and everyone needs those spaces in the road alloted for the safety of pedestrians. However, there seem to be little or no attention for the needs of pedestrians for sidewalk safety and convenience, attention which should be coming not only form the government, but from every single member of the community as well.

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Now let's ennumirate the pains and hindrances that a pedestrian in the Philippines experience

1. Dirty sidewalks.

Some people just don't have the dicipline to throw and segrigate their garbage. This becomes sidewalk obstructions which can cause injuries.

2. The sidewalk is not a parking lot.

Some people actually think that the sidewalk in front of their house is their personal parking space. This is the same with business establishments that operate along the road.

just a sample, but there are areas where vehicles occupy the entire sidewalk
just a sample, but there are areas where vehicles occupy the entire sidewalk

3.Stray pets.

A high percentage of Filipinos doesn't know "true pet care". They think pet care is just about feeding their pets. They sbould also know that not letting their pets roam around and cleaning pet litter is also part of pet care. Letting pets run loose on public areas can put people at risk to rabies. There are also pet owners who deliberately let their pets defecate on the sidewalk.

4. Sidewalk turned market.

There should be a proper venue to sell stuff. Illegal vendors turn sidewalks and foot bridges into mini markets which become obstructios to the sidewalk. Sadly, local officials allow this practice because they get a percentage of these vendors' earnings. Enforcement is poor because enforcers only function for a specific concern. Traffic enforcers only care about traffic, Anti-illegal vendors only care about vendors, Environmental Police only care aboit sanitation. Why not merge all of these offices and all of these powes to create enforcers that can respond to any situation.

5. The sidewalk is not part of tbe road.

And now for the most annoying part of this topic. Motorcycles, bikes, and even cars that thinks the sidewalk is some kind of shortcut. People who ride bikes and motorcycles demands for their bike lane and motorcycle lane to be respected by other motorists. I say they should learn to respect the people who use the sidewalk as well.

The above mentioned problems reflects a society filled with selfish and uncooperative people. To prevent further degradation, people need to be aware of the problems and move towards change and improvement. The best form of change comes from within one's self, for it is done wholeheartedly.

To end this topic let me present the most sensible solution. People need to learn some DISCIPLINE. Since common sense is not common to all, people need to learn some dicipline and fear of the law. With everyday practice and enforcement, dicipline can be programmed into an individual making it automatic even for people who lacks common sense.


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