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Forgotten Soldiers

Updated on February 6, 2016


Millions of veterans who fought in every state across this country. Hundred's of men and women have died Some Veterans who return home are wounded with missing limbs, some are suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) and the addiction of drugs.

Some veterans are placed in hospitals, nursing homes and a few take to the streets because of homeless. Instead of appreciating the sacrifices these soldiers have made for the good of this count+ry, most of us have tenancy to forget the brave women and men who fought for the right of our country.

529,000 to 840,00 veterans are homeless living in danger on streets or shelter's. Veterans are more likely to be homeless then non-veterans. Why are so many veterans homeless/ One of the reason programs are no funded and there's is no money to help our soldiers. Our Soldier can not get the sufficient help but other countries..

One morning I saw and old man sitting on a bench as, I walked by he ask me for a dollar to buy him a cup of coffee. I looked pass the dirty old coat he was wearing, thinking this could have been my grand father.

"You know I fought in the Vietnam war", that war destroyed my life. I never really knew what we was over their fighting for, but my country needed me.

When I was over there surrounded by unfriendly enemies, I knew my friends had my back, now I feel so alone. No one Knows how it feel to see such violence's, I guess it made me a little crazy because that changes one life .

When I came back to the states I thought my life would be good but it wasn't. I had to leave my family because of the angry and rage,inside my head. I didn't want to hurt the family I loved so I walked out of there lives never looking back. When people look at me they see another bum on these street, I am a well educated man with no purpose in life. We fought because it was our job, most of us never knew why.

Soldiers who make it back comes back to a country with nothing, no decent jobs or maybe a little assistant from the government. With that money it's hard to find a decent apartment because the rent is so high, he raised his voice. We risk our lives for nothing. Soldiers comes back to this country and lose everything they have they struggle to survive and that's a shame. We risk our lives for nothing he raises his voice. I don't tell people this I earn a purple heart when I was their, it's the only thing that I have. It reminds me of the sacrifices I lost some of my friends and my family.

By talking to him it made me realize that I never thought about Veterans who fought to keep our country safe, Thousand's of Soldier have gave their lives protecting our Country, it's time to give back.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 2 years ago from Boston MA

      Veterans should never be forgotten, they are the ones who protect our country and others who need our help.jada67

    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 5 years ago from Boston MA

      Soldier who fight in wars risking their lives,should come back to this country with all the honors in the world. Their families should be secure without worries or struggles.