America has lost it's way

  1. t.keeley profile image78
    t.keeleyposted 9 years ago

    What we wanted was: chain lightning
    what we wanted was: 8 miles high
    What we wanted  was: free fall & our turn to fly

    What we wanted  was: more fireworks
    everlasting 4th of July
    What we wanted  was: more stars in a bluer sky

    All we wanted was something worth it
    worth the labour, worth the wait
    Then they take you up to the mountain
    you see too late.

      In the middle of a good time
      Truth gave me her icy kiss
      Look around, you must be joking
      All that way, all that for this

    What we wanted  was: consolation
    the band of strangers, help for pain
    What we wanted was: to be sure no friends were lost
    in vain

    What we wanted was: aggravation
    a good cause and a bigger row
    What we wanted  was: the whole plantation, now,
    now, now

    What we wanted was: rhyme and reason
    what we wanted was: another way
    what we get is: a tinpot heaven, & we're too drunk
    to pray

    What we get is: the old machinery
    grinding on in the same old way
    What we need is the sweet republic
    - roll on Independence Day

    (For the spirit of Thomas Paine)

    The Oysterband clearly articulated this in their song (lyrics above) "All that way for this." This was written/recorded in 1991, and apparently we didn't listen.