The End of an Era

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    JaxsonRaineposted 5 years ago

    "It's Bush's fault"

    I knew someday we would have to hear the end of that... you can only blame Bush for so long. Well, we have entered a new era!

    "It's Romney's fault" … paul-ryan/

    Man, that Romney. First, he destroys companies that were already going to fail, by cutting jobs and salaries, with the unsavory byproduct of saving/creating jobs.

    Next, he completely ruins Massachusetts, leaving it better off in education, job creation, and budgets.

    Then, he completely ruins the Olympics, by making them successful for no compensation.

    Now, he is acting recklessly and irresponsibly by pointing out the irrelevant fact that our administration denied increased security for an embassy that had been threatened and attacked, blamed a known terrorist attack on freedom of speech, and in other ways lied to the public.

    Just remember, when you blow a tire on the freeway, it's not Bush's fault anymore. It's Romney's.