FORTRESS EUROPE---Post War Miracle

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    pramodgokhaleposted 5 years ago

    Fortress Europe or  EU is really a union entirely based on understanding. After WW--II  group of western European nations formed group to build economies and border less trade , it took time but within a decade results proved that it is materialized.
    The reason is Europe  and people are materialistic and pragmatic. They buried century old differences and war wounds and began a journey to progress and development. They acknowledged global political map and changes after war and built their fail-safe empire.
    Europe gifted great inventions and discoveries to the world and after war also they developed technologies and helped developing nations to build their economies.
    Since 15th century Europe experienced upheaval and renaissance and reforms , modern Europe was built. USA and Japan claimed to be pioneers in advanced technologies ,but root is Europe.
    Innovation and up-gradation and improvisation are important factors in European community.Though western Europe is known as a  most advanced region in Europe but in eastern Europe Hungary , Czechoslovakia were also small industrialized  countries with Nobel winner scientists  and claimed.major inventions.
    I am an Indian closely look at Europe's development in science and technology especially in non-conventional energy, green tech.We were Colony of British Empire and of course some excesses during their regime.We are not able to eliminate differences with our neighbors
    we bury the past, i have open mind to admire Innovative Europe