Nehruvian model failed!! commented American Economist--No--not at all

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    pramodgokhaleposted 4 years ago

    Mr. Nehru received broken India , partition, famines at the time of independence,50% population was illiterate, 70% population dependent upon agriculture,He started from scratch.
    He was democratic so we enjoy democracy though there are flaws. British left with well-knit well-oiled bureaucracy behind plus railway a lifeline of the nation only advantages.Nehru did not dismantle system.He utilized for development.
    How nation can build rockets when half of the population was illiterate without industrial base and no core sector ? He invited western nations and USSR to help and cooperate for development under terms.
    I am an Indian born after independence, enjoyed benefit of independence and free breath in democracy, Since 1947 Indian government determined for self reliance and self sufficiency for food, the goal is achieved and core sector industries were built so we won wars with our neighbor , we were the victim of cold war,Super proxies around us to damage our economy.
    There were filthy comments by British national about India's poverty and starvation deaths, then why Boeing and IT companies open their shops in India instead aid, ,Bias and prejudice and Anti India propaganda of western media was to only tarnish image.
    People of India failed Nehruvian model.Nehru promoted family planning  but people ignored.
    Welfare schemes were promoted and successfully implemented.Indian democracy is going smoothly even after Nehru.Nehru built strong foundation of the nation but regime later could not build large powerful structure.
    Now India produce what India needs,Yes India has Atom bomb but it is  deterrence, reason hostile nuclear neighbors.
    Large populous nation with plural set up it was difficult to hold together federation but finally Indian federation is going string.USSR iron curtain disintegrated, unbelievable. India has role in this century. Inequality in Indian mass is a problem and it will take time bring all Indian on equal
    Development models in developing nations are more complex and can not compare to western models..