Agriculture---Valuation and farmer's labor----No Gains

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    pramodgokhaleposted 4 years ago

    India is still a agrarian economy and  for half of the population Agriculture is a livelihood.Recently In Mumbai company is going to sell 87 acres land near Thane , expecting In Rs 1500-crore by selling land. Many corporates are bidding for that land.
    When farmer is asking loan for development , Banks are unwilling to do finance but when industry builds plant on land then valuation differs and it goes sky rocketing.How land price inflates?
    Farmers can be given loan on long term basis under land mortgage scheme.
    For farming activities land cost is calculated is different way, but for industry they calculate by other method. Farmers is always looser.
    Corporates some time closes operation and sell the plant with land and buyers pay hefty  price for that and later using for non- industrial purpose for further appreciation of value. Government supports!!
    Speculators enjoy  and   free for all and bonanza for middlemen.
      Agriculture loans and land valuation is always dictated by government and industrialists.The cost of 87 acres land is certainly not 1500 RS crores but Market forces runs the show.
    Why farmers are prohibited to bargain ? Land acquisition is always a problem in India because under valuation of land , farmers have no other skill so they can not afford to loose their livelihood at throwaway price. .