Getting a graduate degree: what for?

  1. Albana Lada profile image78
    Albana Ladaposted 21 months ago

    How important is the graduation in job search today?The employment in Italy and Albania are based especially on the recommendations, and this has become a social problem that affects the entire economy of these countries. Most of the citizens of Albania who apply for a job in the public sector quite a large percentage admits paying money, giving a gift or doing a favor in order to be hired.  Why it has always been so hard to bring meritocracy in society?

    What are the benefits of a graduate degree? I don’t know what to answer anymore …Do you?

  2. alikhan3 profile image91
    alikhan3posted 20 months ago

    To some extent this also happens in Pakistan ........... I believe its because 'higher minds' are not required to complete the task, anyone can do it.