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  1. Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image61
    Jo_Goldsmith11posted 15 months ago

    Hello Everyone!

    I am just curious to see who would like to participate in a focus group question?

    I need as many answers/responses as I can get.

    Write your own Political Campaign!

    Your answer is fine, no matter what it is. The following are the guidelines...

    1.) List only 3 subjects of interest

    2.) Explain in no more than 250 words why your focus is on each of the 3 subjects. example: subject one = 250 words, subject #2=250 words and subject #3=250 words

    3.) Please be sure to provide a link if you turn this into a Hub.

    ( If you choose to create a hub then please use title "Campaign of"  ___your last name in the blank)

    Make sure to post the link here, if you turn it into a hub..

    Hope every one has fun with this. :-)