Some things Hilary carries in her purse !

  1. ahorseback profile image59
    ahorsebackposted 17 months ago

    Hilary recently  admitted    some of the things she's" carrying on her wherever  she goes ."

    Who's the real "racist "?

    To Hispanics ,  she carries her  hot sauce .
    To foreign leaders , her Foundation deposit slips.
    To Blacks , she carries her southern accent.
    To  Muslims , her Koran .
    To Clothing designers , her Federal expense account .
    To women ,  her "stand by my man "
    To soldiers , her memories of "ducking sniper fire "
    To New Yorkers City-ers , her elitism .
    To 9/11 survivors ,  her "I was there " speech.
    To  ex-cons ,  Her get out of jail free card.
    To millennia's , her free anything speech.
    To evangelicals , her little bible .
    To Cops , nothing .
    To  Border Patrol agents ,  her portable wall .
    To  Congressmen[women ] Her backscratcher .

    Hilary has something- for everyone-- for her !

    Add To the List ?