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why has heroin use dramatically increased since 2002?

  1. ptosis profile image73
    ptosisposted 12 months ago

    The estimated opium poppy plant area in Afghanistan has increased more than 25-fold from 2001-2016

    U.S. actually enables the 90 percent of the world's supply


  2. colorfulone profile image85
    colorfuloneposted 12 months ago

    90%?  I actually could believe that, it is about control of the market.  The CIA has been heavy into drug trafficking for a long time from what I have researched beginning in Arkansas.  We are talking deep state here.

    There has never been an investigation of the CIA to my knowledge and I think its high time there is.  Not just because of the drugs, but also for human trafficking and much more. 

    The CIA has been in control of the secret space program, and mind control, propaganda, etc.  Although, their focus is supposed to be on countries I believe. I have not seen or heard of any accountability for their budges.  Just saying.   I do think there are many layers of corruption stories to be told.

    ADDED:  This "President Trump & Gov. Chris Christie Host Listening Session on Drug Abuse and Opioid Epidemic" was very interesting to me.  It seems the opioid epidemic increased most during Obama's reign. 

    1. ptosis profile image73
      ptosisposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      Like the @ 12:36 when the young women was giving her testimony. In the late 1980's I was field service for IBM typewriters and there were a lot of rehab place in the Mid Hudson Valley area of Dutchess County  that I would go to maintain Selectrics. So I was exposed and aware more thanmost folks.

      1. colorfulone profile image85
        colorfuloneposted 12 months agoin reply to this

        Yes, that young lady had me in tears, her story is still very raw after three years in recovery.  I'm glad that the President is looking toward helping people find a better way of life.  Opioids are a big problem, I hope the head of that snake can be removed. 

        I have used Selectrics, they helped me get my speed up to 65 words per minute years ago. Been slowing down ever since.

  3. mike102771 profile image82
    mike102771posted 12 months ago

    I can’t and won’t speak on the conspiracy aspect of things. In the last 20 years, more and more doctors are prescribing opioid based drugs. Then after their patients grow addicted to said drugs they cut them off. For some heroin fills the need.

    A friend of the family had a stroke in her 50’s and was prescribed a pain medication that was later denied her after she became so addicted she could not sleep without it.  she died of an overdose of heroin about a year ago.

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      ptosisposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      I'm sorry. Deepest sympathy