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can an ex norteno become a sureno when he was first a norteno up north

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    SDLUCKY619posted 8 years ago

    can an ex norteno become a sureno when he was first a norteno up north

    what happens if a sureno used to be a norteno up in san jose nd moved to san diego then became a sureno. when all his ex nortenos have piks of him tossing up norte nd xiv red rag.. then moved down south became a sureno went to prison nd they documented him as a sureno but he used to a norteno.. can he be green lighted for that shit switching colors nd shit.. but they dont know that he used to be a norteno up north..  in prison they dont know..

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    Jawa Lunkposted 8 years ago

    The best advise is to stay out of all of them...nothing good ever comes of it.


    ask any of the O.G.'s, they will tell you.

    Half my family is in, I know all about the life, seen it for 30 years.

    get out, don't get back in. and change your name.

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    Terry B. Davisposted 8 years ago

    I have heard of this happening one time. He had to remove his tats and get new ones and he had to have someone vouch for him. If he returns to prison he would be targeted due to being a sureno, but would have an added insentive for being hit due to his drop-out status. Best bet would be to move to a non gang area, change his appearance, clothing, remove all tats, friends and types of people he normally would hang with, end the gangster lifestyle, and stop all contact with prior friends or family that are in or associated with gangs and hope that no gang members see him and recognise him.
    Additionally, I have seen brothers where one was a Sureno and the other a Norteno. Usually, they will have a truce while in the family home, but outside of the home all bets are off.
    As the prior answer, best bet is to never get involved with gangs.

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    Pachuca213posted 8 years ago

    Answer is no you can't change your status...you will be a leva a buster in their eyes and you may end up getting stuck or killed for it. When you take an oath to a side you have to stick to that to the end.

    Let me tell you.... if that person gets locked up in So Califas (SD, LA...wherever) there is more of a chance they will be sent upstate..and if there is anyone who recognizes them from the Norte and sees he is with the Sur then it will be dealt with. Common sense.

    I also agree with Terry.....gang life is not the way to be. Trust me... Nothing good ever comes out of that lifestyle..Move away...get a job and make a real life...don't let the barrio drag you down to the depths...because if you don't fight your way out you will sink to the bottom.

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    XIVKern661posted 5 years ago

    First off your a traitor.. you don't stand for what you believe in.  you cant go around changing s**t for your convenience your not a man. your a low down no good scrap piece of s**t. then. go sell out your people for drugs and money. that's all scraps believe they don't have any discipline they are worse then animals and rapists scraps are nothing but a bunch of putos in the pen. they give the Mexican race a bad name. you know already If any homie found out what you did then its over for you. why even ask?

    listen to terry's advice and don't ever come up north of Bakersfield.

  6. Alia Lira-roa profile image60
    Alia Lira-roaposted 5 years ago

    well, your basically a trader..... if you were loyal you would have stuck with one.. and one only.. not bein a gang whore.... and just think .. you've prolly killed some of your sur homies, brothers, homies, family.. and now you claim to be one.. you should be ashamed of the fact that you are a trader.... but.... im with sur13.. all da way .... i just hope no one else finds out bout dis ...... hmm

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    Alex borjonposted 3 years ago

    No or he'll be a  liva who could be shot or killed by a Nortenos if they found out. The sur rata's true blood coler is red I would know because I know Nortenos.