In 2008 the cost of oil soared, and so did the cost of jet response, ame

  1. profile image45
    muskaan26posted 8 years ago

    In 2008 the cost of oil soared, and so did the cost of jet response, american airlines...

    announced in may of that year it was cutting some routes and reducing the frequencyof flights on other routes.. 1.In this instance is jet fuel a variable cost or a fixed cost? explain why 2. What dud American airlines gain from reducing the number of flights? 3.Was the airline more likely to cancel flights which tended to be filled to capacity , or ones that typically fly partly empty?explain 4.the next generation of airplanes from boeing, the 787, uses less feul than many of the aircraft currently being flown.if american airlines could replace its aircraft with more fuel efficient models, wou

  2. mthurston profile image76
    mthurstonposted 8 years ago

    1. fuel is of course, a variable cost - which has historically plagued the airline industry

    2. reducing the number of total flights is something all carriers have flirted with to some degree or another.  This is in response to simply having too many planes in the air with too few passengers throughout most of the last decade

    It is a delicate balance for air carriers to limit the amount of lower-profit flights, while at the same time expanding into new markets like China as they fight to recover out of the recession.

    3. Of course they're more likely to cancel flights with high seat vacancy

    4. This represents the difference between your full-service network carriers (like American Airlines or Air Canada in Canada) and lower-service differentiated service carriers like Westjet in Canada (perhaps Southwest in the US??)  Smaller carriers have the advantage of buying smaller planes, which take less fuel, which means they can still turn a profit even if all the seats aren't full. 

    On the other hand, FSNCs take care of the longer international flights that low-cost carriers do not make.  They have historically held more popularity with business-class travellers as well.

    I have a hub on the market outlook for the Canadian air traffic sector in 2010, which i will be publishing shortly


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