How was your bid in Middleton?

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    bparker001posted 8 years ago

    How was your bid in Middleton?

    Word on the street is you where placed in the Gang Block?   Any truth to this?  If Yes,  what was that about?

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    reefpassposted 7 years ago

    Word on the street is100% correct.  After spending 7 days in the infirmary kicking Klonopin, Methadone, and Adderall with two libriums a day as my only solace, did I mention that the lights never go out in the infirmary, it's a suicide precautionary thing at Middleton.  Kicking benzos after 9 years is complete torture and shouldn/t be permitted, throw in my minor chipper of an opiate and adderal habit I was also dealing with, suffice to say I was not to comfortable and the constant light wasn't helping any.
    Eventually I said "Screw the Librium I need to get out of this room in Gen Pop."  I was cleared the next day and brought to the gang unit at Middelton.  201B block.  Lockdowns for 19 1/2 hours a day.  I was on the 2nd tier which held Bloods, Outlaw Disciples, Latin King's and Neta.  The 1st tier held Cryps and The Fork Boys who ran the 1st tier with an iron fistby the sheer #'s they had in prison.  It was about overcrowding and the fact that Iwsn't sentenced so they figured throw the white boy who never spent a night in the clink in his life into the Maximum Security Gang Block. I can say It made me fully realize how precious freedom really is a d I vowed to never again let the law take my freedom from me again.  Lets just say ot was a real eye opening learning experience.