staples rewards membership card value

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    kmk69posted 7 years ago

    staples rewards membership card value

    I turned in 10 ink cartridges and did not recieve my voucher why is that

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    CINEMAniacposted 7 years ago

    Hey KmK69! I have worked at a Staples, and I have also had them short change me on Rewards vouchers. I had to go to ,and find their contact email. I emailed them about my voucher, and it was sent within a week. They claim it got sent to my junk mail, or was denied being sent to my email because it may have been tagged as spam! But this happened to me again ! So I wrote another email, this one a little meaner, and I got another voucher within a week. I can't give an actual reason for this, you just have to email them. It's worth the hassle. Good luck : )