What is the purpose of ship's navigational bridge?

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    johnvincentbionatposted 7 years ago

    What is the purpose of ship's navigational bridge?

    it is a part of a ship.

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    oceanking.skposted 7 years ago

    The purpose of ship's navigational bridge  , is to  allow the ship's MASTER ( CAPTAIN ) and the deck officer to manoeuver the ship and control her movements from a  centralised location from where it becomes very easy and reasonable to keep  good lookout and  a skillful navigation watch.
    Actually the ship's navigational bridge is constructed on the highest possible location on the ship's superstructure from where a good outlook  of the surrounding areas and ship's structure from forward to after part can be maintained.

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    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    The key word is "navigational".  Whether it is an airplane or a ship, much of the time you are enroute, you cannot "see" where you are going.  Navigation is about "dead reckoning" which in theory says that if I am to stay ahead of the progress of the ship, I must take into account the impact of the wind and the currents and predict their effect on my forward progress.  In doing so, there is a constant process of dead reckoning whereby you predict where your location will be at some point in the future and use every means at hand to confirm it.  Once a realistic position has been determined, you use that process to correct your windage and currents and do it again.  The idea to adjust for the influences and maintain course to the greatest extent possible.  Today, computers do a lot of this work and do it quite well using GPS systems, etc. thus the humans on the bridge are there to back up the equipment, interpret its output, and to override it when judgement prevails.  Navigation as a basic art is a wonderful tool! WB