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What are the causes of underemployment and unemployment???

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    EO-35posted 7 years ago

    What are the causes of underemployment and unemployment???

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    nobodyimportantposted 7 years ago

    how about too many workers?
    as you may know, man is out of nature's balance context, we  do not hunt nor farm for food individually and our society is based on monetary gain and possessions.  Man used to work outside the home and women used to stay at home.  Now women have emancipated themselves have economical needs and have become part of the workforce.  So, we need one of these things, population control, war, an epidemic or a big world disaster to reset the counter.  Another option could be to move to a technology & aid based society not monetary where we could continue without the real need of a specific job because it provides mucho dinero but a job that you perform because you feel the need to, not the obligation.  Fixed work hours? that's another bull**.

    that's just an opinion.

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    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    Employment, like economics, is essentially a process of supply and demand.  In this case, supply is the number of available workers and the demand is the need for the workers.  Jobs exist for only one reason...there is a business need for them.  A company has decided that an employee must be added to take care of a particular set of tasks which figure directly into the business plan of that company.  Given a sluggish economy, an environment of over-regulation by the government, and a few other factors such as the not yet quantified cost of medical care new legislation and we quickly have an "evironment" in which business no longer wants to reinvest the dollars it has earned back into the business. The return on investment does not justify it and the future it too uncertain.  At the present, we seem to have a government populated by officials who are blind to that scenario and who continue to believe the government can create jobs simply by spending money that it does not have.  Money gets wasted, the economy continues to falter, government continues to grow and the business world sits watching and contemplating ways to decrease costs and exposure in the market which ultimately leads to job loss and a surplus workforce.  WB

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    danthehandymanposted 6 years ago

    Wayne Brown is right on! A no-growth economy, government regulation, paper work, potential liabilities, and the difficulty of firing an employee all contribute to the problem.
    As Wayne Says, "Jobs exist for ... a business need for them." Very few companies are growing, a source of employment. There are few new starts because of tight credit and incredible regulations. The rate of retirement is slowing because senior employees are unsure of the future economy and want to work as long as possible. With nearly $4 a gallon gasoline on the horizon and no one knowing how high it will go, the price of everything from corn, dairy products, plastics, and anything trucked to the consumer will rise. The bank bailout did nothing to fix the housing market (should the money have gone to homeowners instead?). Even the talk of eliminating the home mortgage interest tax credit hurts an already devastated market. The uncertain housing market and underwater mortages restrict mobility and shrink the potential geographical area for a job seeker. Combined, these factors also inhibit spending which perpetuates the problem.
    Nothing the Federal Government has done lately addresses any of these problems. The Federal misdirection of aid and a basic lack of understanding of the needs of business are the root causes of the high and continuing employment problems in America. Reduce regulation, loosen credit, help the homeowner, cut the Federal budget, and don't lay the cost of health care on the small businessman or individual. You would see almost immediate results.