Education, if budgeted properly, will lower future state budgets. Agree or disag

  1. JayDeck profile image71
    JayDeckposted 8 years ago

    Education, if budgeted properly, will lower future state budgets. Agree or disagree?

    States across the U.S. are cutting education budgets. Some studies suggest that future prison populations can be accurately predicted by 3rd grade literacy rates. Devaluing education may have a long term negative effect on the number of high school students who decide to go on to college. What is your opinion?

  2. angel115707 profile image60
    angel115707posted 8 years ago

    lets put it this way.... Here in Houston, the top schools like Friendswood ask for the least amount of money, but have highest scores,  why? parental involvement and a family atmosphere.
    Down town, where the poor inner city kids live, the parents are on welfare, food stamps etc, and the schools request the most money, and blow it, why? the parents are druggies, and never around to parent their kids, the kids, out of loneliness and depression, literally tear everything up in school, nothing lasts long, its not respected or taken care of, its not the money, but the environment that the kids are raised in.

       when a third grader has to come home and clean up pot roaches, vomit, and empty rum bottles and see their mom passed out on the couch, the last thing on their mind is homework....  Parents need to start being parents!

  3. JayDeck profile image71
    JayDeckposted 8 years ago

    Houston Independent District has 298 schools and 202,773 students, the vast majority of whom are African American and Hispanic, with whites making up about 8%. Friendswood is 85% white. Across the district, almost 80%% of HISD students are economically disadvantaged compared with around 3% at Friendswood. 63% are considered "at risk." 95% qualify under Title 1 of NCLB.
    That said, only 12 of the schools were classified as unacceptable. Most were recognized and 84 were classified exemplary. 235 met annual yearly progress goals as per NCLB. They spent $7200 per student overall operating costs. Friendswood operated at about $6000.
    Out of the 11 top rated high schools in HISD, most are made up primarily of minority students from economically disadvataged backgrounds.
    It seems to me that they are doing a pretty good job given the unique problems urban districts face. Comparing the involvement level of upper middle class parents to working class poor parents is unfair, unreasonable, and shows a lack of sociological understanding.
    Characterizing the parents of Houston as drugged or drunk and the students as misbehaved vandals, is a gross generalization and shows you haven't done your research.
    I suggest that you reflect on why you believe these things.

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