Flat bar road bicycle: which is best? cannondale quick 1, scott speedster s20 or

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    effieglamour66posted 7 years ago

    Flat bar road bicycle: which is best? cannondale quick 1, scott speedster s20 or merida t5 all 2010?

    a cannondale quick 1  price A$1750, Merida...speeder T5  price A$1399 and finally a Scott speedster S20  price A$1499  All are 2010 models. They all have fairly similiar specifications, I am not experienced enough in the fine details to nut this one out, and would appreciate some experienced advice on the pros and cons, for the 3 models.  I am a haggler, so I am not finished negotiating with price, that will improve. If a set price point would tip the scales in favour of one given specs please let me know, and whats good and ok, and why.  cheers and thanks

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    pork22posted 7 years ago

    From what I see the Scott S20 is going to be a little more aggressive, quicker handling. It has a triple for a wider range of gears if you do hills the extra low gears might be handy. The other two have compact gearing that is a little more simple and easier to set up than a triple and be more aimed at speed. The Cannondale looks like it will have the most upright position so it would be more comfortable and suited for commuting where you want to see traffic. They are all close in component level and price. Probably what is more important is how the bike fits you physically and you needs. Invest in a good bike fit no matter which one you choose.

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    effieglamour66posted 7 years ago

    Pork22 thanks so much for ur response, i couldnt agree more, i decided on the merida, the cannondale was 580 bucks more. (i've always wanted a cannondale, but the merida proved to be very good value, i think i might save it for the drop bar bike)  I have already considered the compact crank, and if it proves to be problem for me, and i find i need more granny gears, i'll just change it, and/or the cassette.  Gotta love the askium wheels though on the merida, I took it for a ride today, it was really nice.  I go back tomorrow and take it for a road run, now its been fitted for me, and all going well, i'll be buying it.  cheers