Do you think we should return to the old ways of the Empire?

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  1. The British Way profile image60
    The British Wayposted 7 years ago

    Do you think we should return to the old ways of the Empire?

    Britain today is a country of diplomacy, much like it always has been, but do you think we should return to our imperial, colonial ways and lead by example to the world by conquering our former lands and returning control to many countries that have gone astray in terms of political instability and terrorism?

  2. profile image0
    Kbraggposted 7 years ago

    I'd like to see Britain try to take over ALL the places they used to control. I don't think it would really be possible. Especially when you're talking about the U.S., Australia, and Canada being part of that. Even though I'm pretty sure Canada is still considered part of the British Commonwealth? And by the way, since you're from Britain, could you enlighten me as to what exactly that means? I assume it is more of a historical ties type of thing that doesn't have any practical meaning. If you just mean conquering the warring Less Developed Countries, it's possible, but still improbable in my view. I don't think it would last very long either due to all the unrest. People would do the same type of things they are doing in the Middle East.

  3. peterxdunn profile image57
    peterxdunnposted 7 years ago

    There is no going back. Nor should we want to. Conquest means killing people: killing them for access to resources, markets and slave labour.

    When we pulled back from Empire (and America moved in) we left behind friendly regimes that would 'play ball' with the Bank of England and big business. This is one of the reasons for much of the instability in the Middle East. They've finally gotten round to getting rid of those regimes.

    Moreover, next time you see a map of the Middle East - pay attention - you'll see unaturally straight lines all over the place. Those lines were drawn by the likes of Lord Mountbatten: the last Viceroy. This wasn't done for the benefit of the locals.

    You might also spot a country called Israel. We foisted that one upon them as well.

    Build up a 'new' empire? We have yet to pay the full price for the old one.

    And what was it, exactly, that we - the ordinary working people of Great Britain - got out of the old empire? Oh yes; at its height: during Victoria's reign, we did have full employment - or should I say 'poverty in work' - with pittance wages, children working twelve hour days along with child prostitutes  thronging the streets of London, as the old were thrown into the workhouse.

    Oh for those good old days, the British Way and a pair of rose-tinted-spectacles.

  4. fundguru profile image60
    fundguruposted 7 years ago

    The Brits would have to realize then to be the colony of German Saxons, Danish Angels and Jutes as well some Scandinavian mercanaries.

    Would you accept as British to serve as colony to the Geman Saxon Empire? I do not think so, nor will any nation around the world accept to become again a colony of the British Empire.

    And think of the last two world wars. The British empire was losing against Germany and required help from Russia, the US and France only to win versus one small enemy.

    Imagine you would wage today a war versus nations like Canada, the US or even India to turn them back into colonies?

    How could you win such wars, if the previous wars were only won, because several nations helped your nation?

    The good old times of the British Empire are already several centuries ago and will not come back.

  5. lapetitegyptienne profile image56
    lapetitegyptienneposted 7 years ago

    An empire was NEVER created for the benefit of the "colony". Egypt was under British control for a long time and although they helped initiate industrialzation in the region, the benefits were only felt by the Biritish.
    The word "conquer" in enough of itself means that you would go in regardless of the opinion of the natives of said colony which is ourageously against human rights that you can't even put it in the same sentence as "returning control to many countries that have gone astray".
    As to the political instability and terrorism ... You should really no better than to generalize Al Queda's beliefs to a whole region of people.
    You want to set a "good example to the world"...try not being a racist.


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