What is a solution in the context of aviation?

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    RedmanBrendanposted 6 years ago

    What is a solution in the context of aviation?

    I'm doing research for a book I'm doing, and part of my research took me to a transcript (the teterboro incident), among a few others. There is something that comes up in every transcript that I can't find an answer on anywhere!

    M355FF: "five fox"
    BJS610: "solution 6 10 ready"
    LC: "Solution six ten thank you I'm awaiting your release"

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    Wayne Brownposted 6 years ago

    In this context that you have shown it...."Solution 610" is the "call sign" for the flight.  Both military and commerical aviation use "call signs" for their flight rather than the tail number of the aircraft which is the common "call sign" in civil aviation.  The call sign normally is an alpha-numeric iteration.  For the military, a given flight squadron might use the inflight call "Cubit".  If they launch ten aircraft in a formation flight, that flight may be assigned call signs ranging from "Cubit 01 (pronounced Cubit Zero 10) to Cubit 10 (pronounced Cubit One Zero).  The words are chosen for their crisp distinctive sound as are those of the phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie...).  The number is either assigned on the basis of flight sequence or in the case of the commericial airlines, it may represent the flight leg number.  For example, if you fly from Atlanta to Dallas on Delta's flight 1664....The call sign in the air for that aircraft is "Delta 1664" as opposed to the registered tail-number of the airplane you are physically flying on.  Does this help, if not drop me an email at "waybar01@gmail.com" and I will try to get you more info. WB