Is Herman Cain a legitimate candidate or just the flavor of the day for Republic

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  1. amysanders profile image58
    amysandersposted 11 years ago

    Is Herman Cain a legitimate candidate or just the flavor of the day for Republicans?

    On one hand, it seems like someone with very little political service time would not make a great president.  Does running a large company (though profitable) and sitting on the board of the Fed qualify someone more than being a community organizer and rookie senator?  I honestly don't know what to make of it.  What do you all think?  Keep it civil please, its an honest question that doesn't need to end up in flaming about how one side is so much better than the other!

  2. Ms Dee profile image87
    Ms Deeposted 11 years ago

    From past elections it seems it is too early to be able to tell. I this Cain is definitely more qualified than Obama, because he is more than just a persuader. Cain has also shown himself to be up front about what he does *not* know and then goes and studies up on the issue. We are in dire need of honesty and integrity.

  3. Joe Citizen profile image65
    Joe Citizenposted 11 years ago

    I think Herman Cain is just what the doctor ordered for our ailing economy.  It is true that he has never held an elected office, but that is not a bad thing.  America has serious problems and it needs serious people to solve them.  It is time we looked outside the "political box" for our next President.  I like his 9-9-9 plan!  It is a bold solution to attempt to get this economy moving again.  The numbers may need a little tweaking, but it is a step in the right direction.  This nation survived Carter and hopefully we will survive Obama.  I am supporting Mr. Cain and ask the American people to consider him when choosing their candidate for President.

  4. lostdogrwd profile image61
    lostdogrwdposted 11 years ago

    people selling themselves out for there political party instead of what is right for this country will be the death of this once great country. I just can't see how the American people can't see that our Congress and Presidents has SOLD OUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. ANYTHING FOR BIG BANKS ,OIL, INSURANCE, OR ANY OTHER BIG BUSINESS. PASS.  both party never a problem. anything that the PEOPLE WILL BENEFIT. ALWAYS A FIGHTS,  anything short of the American people all going to Washington D C and throwing them crook out, kicking out the Federal Reserves and pick people that will govern BY THE CONSITUTION OR THIS COUNTRY IS JUST MAY BE LOST.

  5. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 11 years ago

    I read his biography and this man is a self-made, successful business man.  He has a masters degree in computer technology and has turned around several companies from the brink and brought them to success.

    He does not have an attitude of privilege as too many politicians do.  He is humble and knowledgeable.  I am waiting to hear his ideas on foreign policy before I decide though.

    Yes, I think he is a serious candidate but unfortunately, I am wondering if there is any way he could win it.  The Republican nomination will likely go to a "politician."

  6. profile image0
    Rosemary Banksposted 11 years ago

    I have no clue, but if he isn't really interested he needs to move on now.


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