People feel fear in Liyari(karachi),Pakistan

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    temoorposted 8 years ago

    karachi is a main city of pakistan and is also a econimic hub.above 2 crore person lived there and increasing day by day.i know every huge populated city of the world have a lot of  problem.  as bombay,londan.bejing,paris and lot of other big city examples i can give. but the problems in this city is hurriful and dreadful and the main and shocking thing is that no one notify these problems. a man cannot save home,office and on the road. because one thing is common in all our the city. yes,it is mobile brobbery. and during this action possibilities here the rubber kill you or trying to injury spite of this you not resist but for formalities he do some wrong with you. and the another shocking thing is that if you face a this kind of problem like robbery you cannot go to police station if you try to do this, in that condition chances is here police arrested you and blame you that you r a criminal not a innocent man. so majority of people never go to police station.
    Liyari is a area of karachi. this area is a symbol of terror. and liver of karachi also cannot go there for visiting if he try to do this. possibities is there someone kill him without any reason. this area is totally backward. this area is not facilitated with education,health and other necessary activities. so the reason is that criminal produces day by day. and if record check of this area hundred of dangerous criminals belong of this area and right now situation is that Liyari area is a main point of terror and the crime rate is tottaly brust out. the surprising thing is now pakitan ruling party(peoples party)federal minister also belong this area but he do nothing for this area.
    Another dangerous fact is that the crimianls of Liyari used by  2 famous political partices in is national party of pakistan and second is provincial party. these party have a lot of purposes.and some purposes is not so moralistic. sometime these parties want some bad purposes like some terror.
    the main problem is only lack of education. people have no option to do another social and educational work.
    the government of pakistan shoudl also concern the problem of this area. otherwise one day they should not control the situation
    time is passed quickly