What can we do as Americans to avoid paying $5.00 at the pump this year?

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  1. JamesPoppell profile image72
    JamesPoppellposted 12 years ago

    What can we do as Americans to avoid paying $5.00 at the pump this year?

    This was the leading story on moneynews.com this morning: "Gasoline prices are headed for $5 a gallon in many locations in the United States this year, says John Hofmeister, founder of Citizens for Affordable Energy and the former CEO of Shell Oil’s U.S. operations."


  2. profile image0
    Gusserposted 12 years ago

    1. Learn to siphon it from your neighbors car. 2. Move to Saudi Arabia. 3. Buy a bycycle. The prices will rise due to world tensions & the devaluation of our dollar. Nothing will stop that.

  3. profile image0
    Longhunterposted 12 years ago

    I paid $3.39 here in TN this past weekend, costing me $63 for a tank of gas. This is up from the approximate $1.60 it cost per gallon when Obama took office.

    The first thing we should do is start drilling here NOW. The starting benefit will be that the OPECers will get the message we mean business and lower their own oil prices, thus helping us at the pump. In the long run, we'll be able to tell the OPECers to kiss off.

    Next would be to look at what your federal, state, county, and maybe even your city governments charge as taxes on a gallon of gas. You'll be surprised how much of your gas cost goes to the government.

  4. gregas profile image81
    gregasposted 12 years ago

    Drive less and use less gas. They always use the excuse that prices are driven up by supply and demand.

  5. Joelipoo profile image76
    Joelipooposted 12 years ago

    Oil prices will continue to rise, and there is nothing we can really do about that.  If the government continues such harsh regulations, than expanded drilling here in the US will never occur.  Personally, all we can do is drive less and use rewards programs that build up discounts on gas (like through grocery shopping).  Even if the prices do spike soon, they will "magically" drop right before the election in November.

  6. move2move profile image60
    move2moveposted 12 years ago

    Change your fuel system!! Why do people believe that they "HAVE TO" stick to Industrial BS when they actually don't?!
    There are so many ways you can change that if you also look for it, but you can't if you believe that Oil runs the world when it doesn't! Shell needs YOU but you definitely not "THEM"!
    But watch this, just 1 Example under many:

    SHOCK! Police Uses Water Instead of Gas for All Cars

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUgUF5M3 … ata_player

    And here, the link where you can find this:

    I have nothing from showing you this and I could have put any affiliate link of some product claiming I don't know what! But this seems to be the same in the video as on the link, so ..?
    The ball is on your side right now ;-)!
    Use it!
    ... or another alternative!

    And in case that water would be way too expensive?
    Buy an Ecoloblue Machine :-):


    They sell machines that produce your water out of fine air!!!
    If that's not something, I don't know what is!

    Honestly? I would use all this if I were you (and as I am me, that's the plan anyway..lol.. :-P..)..) and show all these corporations the middle 1 .. ;-)!


  7. lburmaster profile image71
    lburmasterposted 12 years ago

    Get a bike or work from home. I've kind of given up on dealing with the goverment debt and gas prices. It will always remain high, as long as I'm alive unless they develop a new type of gasoline. And there are plenty of attempts in the works.

  8. teaches12345 profile image78
    teaches12345posted 12 years ago

    I see so many good answers and I am shaking my head "yes" in response to them all.  Buy cars that do not require so much fuel, explore alternative resources, travel less, work from home, get a bike are all great answers to this question. I don't foresee prices dropping but let's hope that they do not escalate too much from where they presently sit.

  9. okaygrace profile image58
    okaygraceposted 12 years ago

    Move2move is 110% correct. Love the enthusiasm there! I just bought a hybrid myself. Would love to go all electric am not quite there yet. Either way there are so many alternatives to paying hundreds of dollars in fuel costs a month that so many of us do.

    We are the makers of our own destiny. Don't be a slave to the government or big corporations and take charge of your own life they way you want to live it!


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