What is the purpose of instigating humanity's negative behavior to produce socia

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    louaposted 6 years ago

    What is the purpose of instigating humanity's negative behavior to produce social conflict?

    Is Capitalism the ultimate expression of human greed?

    Does jealousy, envy and greed produce the negative human condition of failed economics or does the contrived system of capitalism exploit and propagate the negative behavior, emotion, and attitude that otherwise would subside without the persistent instigation that stimulates this biased human nature?

    How can humanity control its envy, jealousy greed, when the social system promotes it to manipulate its citizenry?

    Is social status quo due to the depravation within the process, system and procedure of our, business, law, and government?


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    Daxmanposted 6 years ago

    Instead of writing a huge answer to your question i'd like to recommend to you a book called: The Gods of Eden by William Bramley

    Even though some content seems to be based on fiction the general idea of the book would pretty much answer all your questions.


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    louaposted 6 years ago

    When capitalism's greedy people monopolize the money market to control goods and services, this is an imbalance in equity; like the equity imbalance in their rhetorical rant that is reminiscent of a whining child's demand for the right to their toys bought with the blood money of wars and cheap labor.   

    You see I also care nothing for what capitalist want from their negative behavior.  It is simply that capitalist negatively impacts the quality of what I observe, and their behavior is annoying like a spoiled child that refuses to share its toys... This is what I abhor, the quality of the behavior and how it adversely impacts the human condition by wasting resources for foolish ends to satisfy the greed of board rooms vultures.
    The perceptions of reasonings and decisions which promote jealousy, envy and greed which are proscribed and purported to be essential for their scheme are all to familiar negative traits of evil.  There  is  knowledge and understanding of the perception, the ill reasoned capitalist tempters uses to gain their converts. Their negative perception promotes illogical chaos and disarray. The reasoning has been presented before and  it still sounds banal and repulsive to anyone that possesses a critical thought process that can ascertain the ups from downs and rights from wrongs of the facts, evidence and proof that provides just results...
    The behavioral practices of the greedy capitalistic few, those who promote and propagate the negative ideologic behavior of greed economics, practice the craft of negative exclusive evil endeavors... This fact is a mathematical result of may means take history for instance or current affairs, or your very emotion that makes you cling to this feeble means of survival that causes you stress and ill health in a multiplicity of ways.  Ask yourself is this the best you can do for yourself? 
    The  inclusive, selfless civil way I subscribe to is a modest thought process of critical thinking.  Critical thought calls for a pragmatic sovereign democratic republic to be the super set of all other rant ism, if you please. A pragmatic sovereign democratic republic is based on inclusive, selfless civility of its processes, systems and procedures. The concept is quite perfect, a simple critical thought mechanics that produces positive solutions for problem answers using expert witness to provide positive choices and solutions to all issues. It's called "the process of illumination" or elimination if you please. It is the process of consensus voting on the best three choices evolved by consensus voting on expert opinion...