Who will be the next Ron Paul?

  1. againsttheodds profile image80
    againsttheoddsposted 6 years ago

    Who will be the next Ron Paul?

    If Ron Paul should not win the Republican primary, then he will be out of politics because he will not seek reelection for Congress.  What legislator has the potential to rally behind his values  Judge Nap, Rand Paul, John Duncan Jr, Jared Polis, Justin Amash?

  2. ramkimeena profile image60
    ramkimeenaposted 6 years ago

    Texas 14th Congressional district is gearing up to replace Ron Paul. Nick Lampson may fight from the Democrats'  side. But it is not easy to predict who will represent the gop so easily.  In the US Presidential elections, one can predict that Obama will be the Democratic candidate. But from the Republican side, things  are oscillating from left to right  and a clear picture has  not  emerged though Mit Romney may scrap through. Similarly here in the  end  Randy Weber may scrap through to win the gop nomination. Justin Amash is the dark horse.

  3. okaygrace profile image60
    okaygraceposted 6 years ago

    The next Ron Paul is his son Rand Paul. From what I've read, most pundits believe that Ron Paul is only working to pave the way for his son.